iBooks Textbooks for iPad!

Mobile Learning

This hands on session will explore the new multi-touch textbooks on the iPad.  Come experience the interactive diagrams, photos, videos, 3D objects and assessments that allow students to actively engage in course content, with no problem carrying them wherever they go.


Nani Daniels
Apple Inc. Area Manager, K12 Education, State of Hawaii. After working and living in Silicon Valley during the boom and bubble bursting days, Nani returned to Hawai’i to with her family to work for Apple – again. Nani was at Apple in the late 80’s and 90s before going to a start up called Netscape. Wanting to try her hand at another start up, she then worked at a DSL company when dial-up connections were de riguer.
Fulfilling a goal of returning to Hawai’i to work for a high tech company while doing something meaningful, Nani is back with Apple working with K12 Educators on ways to integrate technology into teaching and learning for the benefit of Hawai’i’s 21st century keiki!

Dr. Dan McCormack
Apple Inc., Education Development Executive. Dr. Dan has over fifteen years of public school experience as a former math and computer math teacher, technology administrator, and he served for five years as Superintendent of Schools in Colorado.  He received his bachelor’s degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in Math and Psychology, and his masters in educational administration.  He was a fellow in the eighth cycle of the Cooperative Superintendency Program at UT and received his doctorate in educational administration in 1991.  Dan joined Apple in June of 1996, and has served as an education technology consultant working with district, state and legislative leaders related to strategies and policies for school improvement through technology integration.