Hybrid BSCS Biology -Increasing The Rigor of a First Year Biology Course by Integrating Technology, Culture, and Controversial Topics In Science

Hybrid Learning

This presentation will provide you on insights on how using a hybrid format increases the “rigor” of a 1st year biology course. Rigor is a term used widely in education but what does this term mean and what does it have to do with hybrid learning? In this presentation, you will be introduced to Dr. Robyn Jackson’s (ASCD, MindSteps) definition of rigor and how integrating hybrid technology & culture knowledge is essential in promoting rigor. The presentation will center on teaching of a  major theme in science which is associated with the controversy of genetic engineering.


Mario Patino
Kamehameha Schools Hawai‘i
Mario has 9 years of science education experience and is a  National Board Certified Teacher in  Adolescent and Young Adult-Science.  He earned a B.S in  Biology from San Diego State University and a  Master’s of Life Science from the University of Maryland. Mario has  8 years of professional industry experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical fields.