Electronic Portfolios

Creating Content Using Online Tools

Those attending this session will have the opportunity to learn how to use available online tools to produce student electronic portfolio. Topics will include how to create, implement, and manage a successful program. A variety of free online tools will be demonstrated to help build electronic portfolios. Content in the electronic portfolio such as student evidence and reflections will be discussed. Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills will be demonstrated through examples of student electronic portfolios.


Elizabeth Garrison
St. Anthony School
Elizabeth Garrison is an educator with a passion for technology and creativity. As an Adobe Certified Expert and a member of The Training Associates, Elizabeth has spent the last seventeen years teaching technology to working professionals and students in the classroom and at conferences. Currently, Elizabeth is the Program Leader for the Kailua Catholic Community of Learners, which is part of The Schools of the Future Initiative and she teaches technology at St. Anthony School in Kailua, Hawaii where she launched an electronic portfolio program in 2009.