Cyber bullying, Who is Responsible?

Discussion / Round Table
Administrator Strand / Policy Challenges

This presentation will discuss the issues and challenges of teaching students the ethics that are needed to handle their behavior on the internet.  It will consider what the roll of schools should be in disciplining students, who use their access inappropriately to bully or harm their peers, their teachers and their institutions.  It will discuss what are the causes of students, who would normally be considered to be good students, that result in them making poor choices and exhibiting poor behavior in their use of the social media.  This presentation will not so much answer these questions but will invite the audience to share their ideas and thoughts on this very important issue.


Adrian Allan
Le Jardin Academy
Adrian Allan is the President of Le Jardin Academy, which is currently the only school in Hawaii authorized to offer all three International Baccalaureate Programmes.  He has worked with schools in Uk, Finland, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Norway and now in Hawaii.  He has been involved in the establishment of two International Baccalaureate Schools and created one of this program’s first online programs which allowed schools to collaborate in the instruction of student mother tongue instruction.  He presented on the topic of Internet ethics at the IB World School Heads’ Conference in Singapore.