Classroom Impact: The Lab School @Punahou

Mobile Learning

In this presentation, participants will be presented with a professional development opportunity that make 21st Century teacher education “hands-on and applicable.” Lab School is a two-week professional development program for teachers focused on the use of technology in education. The program not only helps teachers to integrate technology into their curriculum, but also allows them to reflect on the future of teaching and to create learning environments that best meet the needs of their students. One example that will be presented is Lab School’s exploration of iPad use in the classroom at Punahou School.


Casey Agena
Punahou School
Casey Agena is Director of Summer Programs at Punahou School.

Tedd Landgraf
Punahou School
Tedd Landgraf is the co-Director of Lab School @Punahou and Education Technology Administrator for the Case Middle School.

Chase Mitsuda
Punahou School
Chase is an 8th Grade English Teacher and Summer Curriculum Resource Teacher (CRT) at Punahou School.