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April 27th, 2011 by tinakamo

Have you ever gone on a family hike? Tell us about it. If you did not go on a family hike tell us something else you did with your family like going to the beach, a picnic, Wet and Wild, Ice Palace or anything else.

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  1. shayni Says:

    No I have not gone on a family hike before. For my birthday I went to ice palace and when I went on the ice it was very slippery And I learned how to skate on the ice when my mom or dad held my hand.

  2. sarah Says:

    I never went on a hike with my family before. Well in 2009 my whole family including my grandparents my cusens and my aunty and uncle well we went to disney land to celebrate my sisters birthday. That is a tradition my family does once and a while. I also go to the beach once in a while at marriot beach club. Its fun and we some times go to the hottels on vacations. I also have fun times going to the park and playing on the slides and some times my family except my mom we walk to the park and the park is close to my house so we walk.

  3. Trey Says:

    Yes I have gone on a family hike with my family. The things I did on the hike was run on the trall to the top. I also would punch things on the way to the top of the moutain.

  4. ANDEE Says:

    I never bin on a hike with my family before. I bin to the carnival before,and the beach,and the ho’olaulea with my family.At those places I swam at the beach, I went on rides and played games at the ho’olaulea, I played games and went on rides at the carnival. What did you do?

  5. Trevor Says:

    I did not go on a family hike before but once i went on a friend hike. we went to makapu light house. we never saw a hump back whale. i went on a trip with my 4 cousin and my tutunana and gungi. it was a good time with our cousins. 1st we went to the jelly belly shop then i went to the exploretorium then we went to the fisherman wharf then we went to the science maseum then we got to go to GREAT AMARICA.

  6. Isha Says:

    yes I been on a family hike we whent on a hike on dimond head and we got all the way to the top and I was happy and when we went back down it was exstrodenary.And I wanted to go agian.

  7. Kuha'o Says:

    No I never went on a family hike but we have family dinner and lunch and we go to the beach sometimes.

    Jireh, what do you do with your family.

  8. Storm Says:

    mrs. nakamoto
    can it be like something you only did with your mom

  9. Cade Says:

    Yes I have been on a family hike seven times before and they were all fun. My favorite hike was to Maunawili Falls because I liked when my cousins jumped off the rocks at the falls.

  10. Mrs. Nakamoto Says:


    Yes, It can be something you did with your mom. She’s your family! =)

  11. KANA'I Says:

    I never went on a family hike before. once I went to the beach and we saw sum of our friends there and we rent sum boat that you had to pedal it and we had a lot of fun and it was our friends birth day and she rent a mega size boat and I got to go in it and drive it it was awesome! I hope I can do it again!

  12. KANA'I Says:


    Were is great amarica?

  13. Taylor Says:

    Yes Idid go on a hike we went to Aiea loop trail it wass so much fun but we got super dirty. Oh and there was this huge tree in our way we had to climb over it. My sister almost fell off this narrow path she was running.

  14. Kamuela Says:

    No I did not go on a family hike before but I went camping two times before. When I went camping at Bellows we got to go to the beach and play paintball with my cousins and my uncles and my Dad. We also got to rent this four wheeler bike and its kind of like a golf cart accept you pedal on it and my cousin that is 16 drove us on to the road to the store so we could get Icee.

  15. Kainani Says:

    When I went to Ice Palace with my mom, my body was FROZEN! No, I don’t mean that I was REALLY frozen. It was just so cold, I thought I’d never move AGAIN! If I hadn’t shaken it off and moved, I would be standing there like a statue. Anyway, I wanted to share this ’cause 1: I’ve never been on a family hike before, and 2: Ice Palace is SO much fun! 🙂

  16. Kainani Says:

    Wow! Your comment sounds FASCINATING! I wish I was there to see the Humpback Whale!

  17. Kainani Says:

    Mrs. Nakamoto,
    Have YOU ever experienced a family hike or something else?

  18. Austin Says:

    Yes I have been on a family hike but only without my mom I hiked up to Makapuu.

  19. Storm Says:

    wow isha I also went to daimond head!

    I hiked all the way up once we got to the circling stairs I felt nauseous, dizzy and also I couldn’t breathe very well. So once we got to the top I felt peacful because I could see Honolulu.


  20. Aidan Says:

    I went on a hike with my uncle and my mom!(i was 6)I was wynig about how it was so long and i was wynig and wynig and then we ate a snack then i was running! to the end then i was woren out then we went home to play beyblade!beyblade let it rip!so thats about it.

  21. Pono Says:

    Iʻve been to a family hike at Aiea Loop Trail. We saw lots of Guava, the plane that crashed in WW2? And we also got to see a Jackson chameleon on a Koa tree. It was SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, long. We hiked the W-H-O-L-E thing. After that… MY LEGS, well, not my legs, BUT MY FEET HURT LIKE CRAZY! (That part about the feet hurting was not fun at all, but the hike was 100% AWEOME, yeah you heard me AWESOME!)

  22. Joshua Says:

    I have never went on a family hike. I go to picnics at the beach with my cousins aunties uncles and mom and dad also my sister. Me my cousin Bryce and my younger cousin Michel.

  23. Jolie Says:

    I went on at least three hikes with my family and some of my friends. I went to Diamond Head, Makapu’u Lighthouse and Manoa Falls. Makapu’u was the easiest. Manoa was the messiest! It was so muddy. Diamond Head was the steepest. I saw people going fast up the mountain tryin to beat their rexord. My legs were very sore after that hike.

    The hike that was the most fun was Makapu’u because I got to see a real lighthouse and there was a good view of the horizon. I had a great time. You should try and go some time too!

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