Idioms, QR Codes & Amelia Bedelia

QR-Code---IdiomsWhat are Idioms? Idioms are words or phrases that are used in a way that is different from its usual or dictionary meaning.  Writers like Peggy & Herman Parish use idioms to make their stories more interesting and funny.  Our first graders learned first-hand what idioms are from Amelia Bedelia, a lovable, mixed-up housekeeper who works for Mrs. Rogers.  They learned that “draw the drapes,” means to close the drapes when the sun shines into the room, “dress the chicken,” means to season and flavor the chicken before cooking it, and “prune the hedge,” means to cut or trim the hedge. They also took their learning to another level by using QR Codes to engage in some fun activities online. Unlike the traditional methods of worksheets and a pencil, these digital natives modified their learning and took it to the computer; a task that was redesigned!

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