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As I was browsing through some “Educator/Teacher” blogs, I came across this wonderful classroom teacher blogger name Lindsey.  I am linking up with her, The Teacher Wife, to share my top five picture books. Click her button below to read other bloggers’ top five or to join the party!The Teacher WifeHere are my top 5 favorites for engaging students and teaching them something valuable along the way!

1.  Ruby’s Wish written by Shirin Yim Bridges is a true story written about her grandmother growing up in China.  A wonderful story about always trying your best, passion for learning, and following your heart.  Ruby was one of the female to be accepted to a university in China.
2.  Born to Read written by Judy Sierra (one of my favorite author’s) is an cheerful tall tale that share in rhyming-words fashion the importance of reading.  As Sam grows up, so do his reading skills. This book has playful pictures and great sayings – “Readers can do anything!” “Readers win and winners read.”, “Readers can go anyplace!”
3.  Auntie written by Stephany Indie is a local favorite that teaches recycling and making something new from something old.  Auntie found the perfect fabric to make herself a mu’umu’u (A long dress usually made of cotton, worn in Hawai’i).  she wore it and wore it until it got faded.  From mu’umu’u, to a handsome shirt, to a scarf, Auntie reused her once mu’umu’u to make many beautiful things.
4.  When I Was Young in the Mountains written by Cynthia Rylant.  A charming story that was inspired by her childhood in Appalachia and living with her grandparents and other relatives.  Fond memories of grandmother’s corn bread and fired okra, to pumping pails of water from the well, and grandfather sharpening pencils with his pocketknife.  This book teaches quality relationship between grandparents (Kupuna) and grandchidren (Mo’opuna), and the love and affection each have for one another.
5.  Pili the ‘Iwa Bird Flies Again! written by Gail Omoto, Jan and Judy Dill.  Pili a young ‘Iwa bird is a happy bird who soars above the beautiful island and likes to collect things.  She learns an important lesson about hoarding things in her nest from her Tūtū kane (Grandfather).  A sweet and beautiful story about being content and happy with what you have.

What are your top picture books?

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