Teacher In-Service W/ Stephanie Harvey

Active Literacy

“Kids Thinking matters! When our students begin to understand that their thinking matters, learning changes.”  Stephanie Harvey

Yesterday, I had a chance to listen, learn, and view Stephanie Harvey in-action as she taught a mini-lesson on ACTIVE LITERACY with Mrs. Moore’s class.  Her enthusiasm in delivering content and engaging students to interact, think, and wonder made for better thinkers and learners in every child!

Here are some interesting information that she shared with our group:

  • Learning is a consequence of Thinking (David Perkins 1992)
  • The way we turn information into knowledge is Thinking.
  • The more we know the more we wonder = Thinking.
  • We need to be aware of our Thinking, Think strategically, and recognize the power of our Thinking.
  • Make Thinking visible.


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