Romeo & Juliet: Introduction

January 18th, 2013 by Mrs. Tavares

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  1. A.Hooper Says:

    I hear things like that all the time whether itʻs from my grandparents or parents. Other then hearing it from them I hear and see it on commercials and on social media. Kids nowadays don’t care about anything else besides love and spreading word about their new boyfriend or girlfriend. Teenagers are rebellious and often ignore their parers and grandparents advice about love and life. I think that this complaint really explains our generation because we are so caught up in love and it can distract us from school, family, and sports.Love also effects people around you emotionally because they feel depressed when they see a couple brake up. Sometimes love isnʻt meant to be but as life goes on it gets easier. Love can also be a good thing; I see kids at the mall and school who are happy because they have somebody that loves them. Some of the prompt isnʻt true because not all kids forget about responsibility to their family and incorporate their other half with their family activities. I think that all these things only scrape the surface of the definition of love because love is not something that is forced but comes from the inside of our heart. I think that this complaint doesnʻt refer to all teens and that they shouldnʻt judge our generation because EVERYBODY has a love of their life.

  2. TClemons-Kailipaka Says:

    I hear things like this from grandparents(including my own), parents, and even upper class-men at school. Some of the things they say are true, while others are not. Kids these days don’t only think about love; they think of other things too. Believe it or not, Most teens today are distracted by drugs and their friends when it comes to school. The generations over the years will get progressively worse or progressively better. It is up to each to take responsibility and take control.

  3. C.Broad Says:

    Many adults talk badly about kids now days. Even the upper class-men at school talk about the freshman badly. They say that we donʻt care about school and getting a good education, were lazy, we donʻt help enough around the house, we donʻt take on responsibilities, were foolish, we donʻt know what were doing, and we only care about getting a girlfriend/boyfriend. Well, for some kids all of these things are true. But for others, most of these arenʻt. For the oneʻs that actually care about school, care about getting in to a good college, and care about helping their parents around the house they are marked with this stereotype. Many kids now days donʻt want a girlfriend/boyfriend yet, all they want to do is pass high school and keep their grades up so that they can play sports. Many kids want to focus on school but others do get a boyfriend/girlfriend and still they find time to balance everything out so that they have time for everything. They don’t just focus on love they still care about their grades, they still take advise from others who are older and wiser, and MOST importantly they care about their family. Part of this stereotype is right though we donʻt know what type of challenges and problems we are going to run into in the future, that is why we need someone to be there for us to help guide us through our problems. Many adults might think that we just go to school and do nothing, but we are actually working really hard and we try our best to get our work done and keep our grades up.

  4. t.kupahu Says:

    I wouldn’t just hear them talk about it I would get lechers from my grandparents about it because whenever I would go shopping with them or just to the store and they would see a young couple they would always tell me that all we young people don’t care about any thing and all we want to do is get into each others pants and disappoint our family but that’s not true I mean yea we love the idea of love and yea everyone wants their happily ever after but we don’t mean to dis appoint our families. And if we did fall in love with someone our family should be supported about it and still love us and not think that we’re trying to disappoint them.

  5. L.Krueger Says:

    I have heard some elders and adults say some things like this. I’ve heard some adults say things like they don’t know what types of problems are out in the real world. Honestly when adults say that I have mixed feelings on what they say. One part of me says, “Yeah they’re totally right.” While the other side of me is like, “no they’re totally wrong they just don’t understand todays generation.” No matter what side of the “argument” I’m on I still have a valid reason for what I’m thinking. To be honest it would all depend on the type of love it is between those two people and how important each of their values is. The part of me that agrees with adults says that some people aren’t meant to have love till their out of high school, because they can’t seem to focus on the more important things in life. Also some kids now days feel like when they love someone it means they are ready to have a baby, when in reality they are barely adults themselves, sometimes still kids. Yet again it all depends on the person. As someone who I would say is “in love” I can honestly say that I don’t feel like love conquers all. I feel like as a human being we all want to feel loved, but I don’t think love can overcome everything. The parts where adults say that those in our generation that are in love have no sense of responsibly. I think that is completely wrong. First off some of theses adults saying that love doesn’t conquer all they’ve had kids when they were younger. So they were probably the ones thinking that love could conquer all. But at the same time they are probably trying to tell us that love doesn’t conquer all because they have experience in being in love thinking it could solve anything, and maybe they don’t what us going down that same path. Second of all as someone in love I find the time to do my homework, I find the time to spend time with my family, I think that tradition is very important, I very much respect my elders. All while being respectful and responsible for the things I do. I can only speak for my self though, but I honestly feel like if you truly put in the time and effort in love and in other aspects of your life, you’ll turn out fine. But no one thing can conquer another; life is all about being balanced.

  6. KaulanaL Says:

    I hear something similar to that quote all the time. From our parents, sometimes teachers or even our older peers. Only, that it doesnt have to do with love, but instead with slacking off. They say that we arenʻt going to go to college if we donʻt focus in school, or that we are never going to get work done because of how lazy we are. I think that this statement is mostly true, we are all lazy teenagers at one point in time, but, all of the people who are telling us to not slack off, to not be lazy, have most likely done the same thing that they are telling us NOT to do. To me, itʻs kind of annoying to hear people who are older than myself tell me to not be lazy, because they are contridicting themselves and I know that most people act the same way that we act today. I know that they are trying to help us, but scolding us constantly about things that they used to do, isnʻt the right way in my eyes. But nobody is perfect, especially the kids today, including myself.

  7. M.Clarke Says:

    I’ve heard some adults say something similar to this. I don’t think this complaint is fair some of the times. Adults hear and see these things either from movies or from another adult complaining about their own children most of the time. Normal everyday teenagers who are seen on the streets are immediately stamped with the ‘troubled teen’ saying on our forehead if we’re hanging out with out boyfriend who might seem shady or a large group of friends that are maybe laughing too loud. It annoys me when I hear some adults saying that our generation is doomed and that their generation was one where they had friends outside of our phones. We teenagers know how to be social; at our school a lot of the popular kids are really smart and kind. I don’t really know any super mean teenagers or little kids, but I do know a lot of rude adults that often don’t care who they hurt when they speak. I know that saying ‘ with age comes wisdom’ and it’s true. My dad is pretty old and he tells me stories of how different everything was and ‘back in my day we did things like this’ and I have to remind him that things are different now. We’re smarter than a lot of adults give us credit for and a lot of adults treat us like we don’t know anything and that just because we’re a teenager we know nothing. But more often I’m right and my parents and aunts and uncles are wrong.

  8. D.Simmons Says:

    I hear this from my family me members a lot now a days. I think its because us as kids don’t understand the true value of money because we don’t work. So when our parents give us money and they see us just abuse that it really hurts them because it took many hours of work to earn that money When they hear us talking about girls i feel that they think we are paying to much attention on things besides school, and as kids thats our one job. That is to go o school and get good grades.

  9. V.Araujo Says:

    I have heard similar things from adults and older people. They all say that kids these days have no sense of responsibility and all we care about is love, or that special someone, or getting a girlfriend or boyfriend. They say that we care nothing for the world, and nothing else matters except for our feelings. In some cases they are right, there are kids who care about nothing but love, and abandon everything else for their special someone, but not all kids are like that. Some kids do care about their education, and their families, and the words of the wise. Not all kids follow love blindly, and leave everything else behind. Some kids are not foolish or impulsive, and don’t want love just yet. A lot of kids just want to get through school and whatever problems they have without the distraction of love. There are kids who believe that love conquers all, and will follow their heart blindly, wherever it takes them, but most of us just want to get through school and get started on our lives, and then worry about love later on in life. Love is not bad, it is just important to be able to love someone and still take care of your responsibilities. Balance is key. You must find balance between education, family, love, and responsibility.

  10. D.Simmons Says:

    I think this complaint is mainly falsely accused. Just because we talk about love docent mean its the only thing on our mind. We can have our heart in love but our mind set on school. Teens today aren’t only about love, some of us really have a passion for school and some of us are really hard workers. So when people falsely accuse us it hurts me because these things are embedded somewhat in our head by tv shows. Growing up there are many shows that we watch that promote love very highly and advertises it as the cure for anything like sleeping beauty or cinderella. Its not only our fault because at a young age we are highly impressionable.

  11. I. Santos Says:

    I believe this saying from adults is just what they think of teens and children from the outside. I still think that us kids don’t know everything about love and that is true, we donʻt. But at the same time we need to experience love some time before we end up with the right person or know that love isn’t for us. I think adults should let us have a taste of what love is. The part about how we think that love conquers everything is sort of true. Teenagers now days are always thinking about love and think that love is the only way out of something bad. That is bad in some cases because when your desperate for love you start making bad decisions some times. I think for teenagers we need to be experience love but not get fully involved in it. We are still young we should be doing the things we want to do and hang out with our friends.

  12. k.ishibashi Says:

    Love is often a debatable topic. Hearing complaints is no such suprise in the modern age, as complaints about kids being obsessed with love was not uncommon during earlier times as well. Despite the fact that the actual statement itself is rather brash, I believe there is some truth to it. Love is often promoted as the solution to all of the world’s problems these days, and sometimes people will throw themselves out of house and home trying to pursue the one they love. Love often forces people to step out of their comfort zones, which can have positive or negative effects, depending on just how far that person is willing to go. I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as to state that kids these days will completely abandon their families in order to pursue their idea of a soulmate (Though more and more kids these days want to leave home at an early age). All these things aside, it really comes down to how well a person has prioritized their life. Some people value love over success, or vice-versa. Some people just truly feel that attaining the affections of another is a greater priority than financial stability or your health.

  13. E Hodson Says:

    Many adults that say these types of things either experienced bad relationships during high school or never had a relationship during high school. Although some teenagers today can maintain their relationship, there are many other teenage couples in the world that truly believe that they can maintain a healthy relationship with one another. Some adults have also seen their kids go through these types of experiences where they canʻt maintain a relationship. I think that this is sometimes true and sometimes false. Some teenagers believe that their parents will always be there to help them. Some couples depend too much on their parents. But there are other couples that can live on their own and support a family. Many individuals today know what they have to do to thrive in life. But some people canʻt survive on their own. Many of these types of people turn to a partner to help them. I think adults look down at teenagers today because the time period that the elders used to live in were very different from the time period that we live in today. Some elders donʻt understand what they see today. I believe that as long as you care for one another, you will work hard to stay together.

  14. K. Ili Says:

    Adults are saying that the kids have no knowledge and think that love is what matters the most. They also think that teenagers have no idea what really happens in the real world and how hard their parents work to make them happy, but the teens just do what they think is right even if they hurt their family. I would like all teens to know that their parents were once teens and made mistakes and they just donʻt want their kids to make the same mistakes.

  15. Kailikea Kekuawela Says:

    As a young adult still learning what the world has to throw at me, my mom often warns me about how having relationships can effect me in the future. She tells me it can become a distraction from what really matters like academics, sports, and family. I for one believe that love can be a distraction or oftenly mistaken for lust. I also believe that love can be very healthy and key to success s in life. When I look at this quote, I see some truth and also some flaw. When he says “They have no sense of responsibility to their families” this can be true, because there are some kids that start to conceal themselves from their families and responsibilities once they become in a mutual relationship. Although when he says “They don’t know the problems they are going to have that all the love in the world won’t solve for them.” I see this as a flaw. Love can frequently be the solution to oneʻs problems or depression. Love is something not to be toyed with, but love is definitely something you shouldn’t have no matter the age.

  16. Taylor Sullivan Says:

    I think this stereotype is true in some ways but false in some ways as well. I think there is a large population of teens that believe that love conquers all and nothing else matters in the world once they find their “prince charming” or their “true love”. But, there are also large populations of teens who stay true to themselves and stay focused because they are goal oriented. Personally, I come from a very strict household, and I am not allowed to even date until I’m 18! So I also believe that your foundation and your household have a large impact on you and your values. If you are raised to be respectful, listen to your elders, be responsible, and respect tradition then these stereotypes don’t apply to you. But I also think that love and relationships are healthy for not only teens but also everyone, of all ages. I also believe that as a teen love can help with your emotional and mental overall development. I also think that as a teen we all want a “happy ending” or to be someone’s princess and live happily ever after because that’s all we’re accustom to growing up. Personally I don’t believe that “love conquers all” but I do believe that everyone deserves to be loved by someone.

  17. K Akui Says:

    I hear this claim frequently. My grandmother especially says that we need to watch her and learn instead of making up our own ways to do different things. I agree with this section of that claim. I think that our elders ways of doing things cant be that hard to learn. We really need to take the time to listen to them so that the traditions dont end after there passing. Once the generation dies so does the knowledge unless we take responsibility and put in effort to learn from them. I completley disagree with the beginning of the claim. I do not Think that ” love conquers all”. I honestly couldnt care less about what the peron next to me thinks or cares about me. I think that our generation just wants to have a good time. I also beleive that we are aware of the responsibility that we are going to be faced with, Some more than others. I personally would love to have everyone like me, but i dont need someones approval to do what i need to do. I agree that we need to try alot harder in giving our elders more respect which they deserve. I think that disrespect comes from how that person was raised, if a parent was strict and demanded respect while growing up that same child should always remember the right way to speak or treat an adult. We all includng myself need to work harder on this. We should all just not care what everyone thinks just keep your priority’s straight and do what you gotta do.

  18. J. Perry Says:

    Growing up as a child in an era where the media has an unprecedented presence in the younger generations, I often hear this claim from my elders, that is “Kids these days think that love conquers all. They have no sense of responsibility to their families, no respect for tradition, no regard for those who are older and wiser. They don’t know the problems they are going to have that all the love in the world won’t solve for them.” And I think that this is true to some extent. With a greater reach and grip that society and pop culture have on the youth, there is some evidence for a detachment of children from their responsibilities and families, all blinded by the idea of love. As prescribed by contemporary entertainment and media, love is the answer to all life’s questions. However, this could not be further from the truth. While love is very important in a healthy lifestyle, the moderation and consciousness of one’s love life is severely lacking as far as the current generation is concerned, and for that I’m very concerned about the future generations.

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