Romeo & Juliet: Final Considerations

January 18th, 2013 by Mrs. Tavares

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Final Considerations

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  1. Kyran Kai Says:

    The way Shakespeare portrays the love of his time is relevant yet not as dramatic as the way we see love today. People that say they have fallen into true love most times break up within the year. Romeo and Juliet can come in connection as to how they fell in love with looks as to so much of their connection. Many people in my school usually just like a girl cause she’s hot and is popular. The way Shakespeare shows there friendship and compatibility is a lot unlike ours today. Well, for some people their parents don’t care if they are in a relationship they just want to meet them. Somewhat like the play when Tybalt see’s Romeo and goes after him but Lord Capulet refuses to let them fight as Lord Capulet knows Romeo, to be a good man and one that isn’t at the party to cause trouble.

  2. Charlie Cordeiro Says:

    Shakespeareʻs way of portraying love is similar to the way we do it now, but not as drastic as the way they do it. We usually donʻt commit suicide together or get married after knowing each other for about a day, but we do lust after one another. Romeo and Juliet didnʻt love each other at the beginning, they like how the other looked and their personality. We do that these days, like when you think that someone is hot, or that you think that their cool, and you start to like them. A way that Shakespeare shows friendship and loyalty is a lot like ours. Romeo and Mercutio joked around and teased each other, like when they were going to crash the Capuletʻs party. Until Mercutio died when Tybalt stabbed him, they usually got along really well. This is a lot like the friendships that we have today, we often tease each other and we often seem like were giving our friends a hard time, but we are actually just playing and donʻt actually mean it. For those reasons are why I think that Shakespeareʻs way of portraying friendship, loyalty, and love can be related to the way we do things today.

  3. Joseph Rivera Says:

    Shakespeare has portrayed love in so may ways. But, if I were to compare it to how people love each other now, itʻs similar in some ways and different in others. People today love each other so much but they don’t go marrying a person the day after they meet. They first give it time and get to know each other to its fullest. Romeo and Juliet did consummate a day later. Some people still do that today and they still are in love. In some cases itʻs a mistake and they leave each other. When Romeo was rejected by Rosaline, he was so depressed. When people often get rejected or they don’t get loved back by someone they truly love they get sad and depressed just like how Romeo did. Thereʻs always more fish in the sea and Mercutio explained this to Romeo and thats how he found Juliet. Romeo and Juliet has this love for each other that made them so dramatic. At the end of the play they kill each other because Juliet could not live with out Romeo and Romeo could not live without Juliet. We don’t usually do this today but if love was as strong as Romeo and Julietʻs maybe it could happen today.

  4. Jeremiah Rivera Says:

    Shakespeare point of view on love, loyally, and friendship is somewhat still relevant today. The couples I see in school and the kind of love my parents show each other, is nothing compared to what kind of love Shakespeare portrays in this play. Romeo and Juliet say that they will kill themselves if they don’t get to see each other. They take so many risks to see each other even though they know their life is on the line. For example, Romeo climbed the wall of the Capulet’s house to see Juliet when he knows he can be killed, and Juliet faking her death. Today, no one would do what Juliet did even thought they love someone so dearly. How he portrayed loyalty is spot on how loyalty is shown today. I say this because we only respect people who respect us; we definitely have to respect our parents, and the ones we care about. There is also times when we pretend to agree with what are parents say or tell us to do, just so we don’t start a fight. But on the inside we absolutely disagree with them. For example when Juliet comes back from her little runaway and tells her father what all parents what to hear, that she will do whatever he says. All renaissance fathers want to hear that because they are stubborn. Finally, Shakespeare’s point of view on friendship is also relevant to today’s friendship because friends joke around with each other a lot just to cause laughter. We also exchange advice to help whatever difficult situation we’re in. All in all, I think this play was very dramatic, had lots of different emotions, was interesting, and I learned a lot.

  5. Elijah Ching Says:

    I feel that Shakespeare’s view differs from the current view on love today, but other factors of his plays and his views are similar to ones today. Shakespeare’s view on love is perceived as something that went to quick. I feel that Romeo and Juliet didn’t really have much love for each other, but more or less felt attracted to each other. They barely new each other, and I don’t think that you can love someone when you first meet them. Shakespeare’s view on friendship is very true in my opinion. Today, friends still tease each other about their problems, but it actually creates bonding, An example is in scene 2, Mercutio teases Romeo about his love when he runs away by saying “Nay, I’ll conjure too! Romeo! Humours, madman, passion, lover!” Many friendships nowadays are still like that. Loyalty to one and another is another story though. Loyalty starts very early in relationships in the stories that Shakespeare writes. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet calls for Romeo to come to her right after she met him, “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”, and later on in the night she commits her love showing loyalty only a few hours after she met him! “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep” Fate is a very different and less talked about thing today. Back then people believed everything was for fate, and it was hard to change, as Romeo thinks his fate is meant to be bad: “Oh, I am fortune’s fool!” In the current era many people believe in religion and let their God guide them because all will be good with him, and some believe they can do whatever they like because there is no such thing as fate. There are many views that differ and that contrast to day’s current world, but some will always remain the same, and everyone will feel the same about. Shakespeare is a great writer of his time, and I feel like he can relate to people of all times.

  6. Simon Lafita Says:

    I feel that Shakespear’s view on love, loyalty and friendship aren’t very relevant to today. I say this because our generation is so much different from theirs. We’re greedy and take things for granted and if we lose something, we’ll just replace. Now, don’t think I’m talking about everything! Loyalty, from the play and today are basically relevant today, it’s just a little debatable about what you’re loyal to. Such as Romeo and Juliet’s love, no one can be that loyal but if it was something like you to your favorite object/person/thing their will be a similarity. Although love and friendship those two aren’t very relevant, now you could possibly have a strong bond but truly would you risk your life for one another?

  7. Tyler Waltjen Says:

    I don’t think that Shakespeare view on love are still relevant today because back then they couldn’t get divorced as soon as you marry someone you could not marry again but now there is a thing as divorce and also when Romeo and Juliet killed themselves because they couldn’t be with each other like how Romeo thought that Juliet was dead so he wanted to join her in the after life, I don’t that that still exist because now days its not that we don’t love as deep as they did back in Shakespeare’s time but I think we would act more rational. I think that Shakespeare’s views on loyalty is still relevant especially with family because you won’t chose someone else’s family over your own because that is your own flesh and blood but in the case that Juliet and Romeo chose each other over the family feud and loyalty over the family they chose this because they truly believed that they were in love even though they only known each other for like a day or two. They chose their own beliefs instead of the beliefs of their families which I think still happens today because its their own beliefs and if you really believe in it they why not fight for it.

  8. Damien Stack Says:

    Time pasts and things change. It has been over four hundred and fifty one years since Shakespeare was born and even longer for the Renaissance Period. It is obvious that while time changes, the world changes with it. Shakespeare’s views on love, loyalty, friendship, and fate are similar to today. For instance in the Renaissance Era the women were treated very badly legally, but nowadays women fought for their rights and everyone is equal. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, he expresses love as something that happens really fast within a week period. In the modern world this rarely happens, usually it takes couples from a couple months to ten years. In general the feeling of love hasn’t changed at all and I think it won’t change. Loyalty on the other hand has changed a lot in my opinion. In the Renaissance Period, when couples married you never saw any of them divorce, unless you were King Henry VIII. This means that the wives remand loyal to their husbands. You see the same loyalty with Romeo and Juliet. In the present plenty of married couples divorce legally meaning they do not show loyalty to their husbands. Friendship, in my opinion, is the same as it has ever been. Some friends stay friends till they die, some break up easily, and some become enemies for life. I don’t think friendship will ever change. I think in the Renaissance Period and in “Romeo and Juliet,” people strongly believed in fate. Today I highly doubt if more than 2% of the population believes in fate.

  9. Rachel Tanaka Says:

    In my opinion, Shakespeareʻs view on love, loyalty, friendship, and fate are partially relevant today. In Romeo and Juliet, the whole play was about relationships between a group of people. The concept of love is similar but has changed throughout the years. Romeo and Juliet fell in love at first sight, and today you rarely ever see that. For me, I think that there is no such thing as love at first sight. How can you be in love with someone you don’t even know? Youʻre just interested in their look. Romeo and Juliet moved really fast in their relationship, if they lived and actually stayed together, would they still love each other after a long period of time? But as they talked to each other more, the way that they talked to each other was really sweet and romantic. Today, people relationships have the same concept but are followed through in a different way. Some couples barely even talk to each other because we have technology to do the communicating for us. Sometimes you just see couples who only text and snapchat each other. Shakespeareʻs version is more of a fairytale compared to today, but then again people of the renaissance faced way more challenges than we do. But his view on loyalty is still relevant through out the times. The way that Romeo killed Tybalt after Mercutio was stabbed, showed his loyalty to his best friend. That could easily happen today, sometimes you do anything to protect the ones you love.

  10. Jordyn Moniz Says:

    I feel that Shakespeare’s views on loss and love are still relevant to our society today. When Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, he wrote that both Romeo and Juliet experienced love at first sight. In todays world people may say they experienced love at first sight, but most times they don’t even remember the first time they met that person. Also in today’s society most of the people who say they experienced love at first sight will break up a few months, or even a few years after they first started going out. Besides Romeo and Juliet finding love at first sight, Shakespeare also wrote that Romeo and Juliet got married just a few days after meeting each other. Love in today’s world is similar, because although people aren’t getting married, some of them start going out a day after they met. This situation is relevant to Romeo and Juliet, because like people today, Romeo and Juliet hardly knew each other, and they were already married. When Tybalt killed Mercutio, and Romeo killed Tybalt, both the Capulet’s and the Montague’s experienced loss of a dearly cherished family member and friend. The way that the Montague’s and the Capulet’s experienced deaths are similar to how we do today, although in that time deaths were so common, so they didn’t grief as long as we do. Even though Romeo and Juliet took place in the 16 hundreds, many of the things they experienced are still relevant in today’s society.

  11. Jazmin Pahio Says:

    Shakespeare’s views on love are still somewhat relevant today. Romeo and Juliet were deeply in love and people still feel that way today. It’s the kind of love where you would do anything to be with them and nothing else matters, not even death. Romeo knows he could die when he climbed over the Capulet’s wall and snuck in to Juliet’s room, but he did it anyway to show how much he loves her. Nowadays, we don’t fall in love and get married within three days. It takes time to get to know the person and fall in love. Then again, we don’t have as deep and personal conversations as they did. The only form of conversation we know is small talk and it’s all over text messages. It’s kind of hard to get to know someone when you don’t even talk in person. I can understand falling on love after one conversation, but I don’t think I would ever get married that quick then kill myself cause we can’t be together. They were just being loyal to each other, but death is never the answer. It’s better than it is today though, no one is loyal is dating and marriage. People just marry whomever and then get divorced and I think that is where everything got messed up. In the end, Shakespeare’s views are still relevant today and I feel that they always will be in someway.

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