Romeo & Juliet: Act V

January 18th, 2013 by Mrs. Tavares

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Act V

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  1. A.Hooper Says:

    I think that the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was caused by human errors. I think this because the ending was based on human decisions like when she drank the potion and when Romeo was exiled. They couldʻve easily made up a smarter plan that didnʻt include her drinking the potion and someone telling Romeo that she was dead which caused Romeo to kill himself by her side. I believe that this couldʻve been avoided if they both just ran away and got married somewhere else far away and stayed away. I think that fate played a small role in this disaster because it was fate that first brought them both together and it was fate that these two rival families had to be arch enemies and one person in both families would end up together, like what are the odds of that. Itʻs just really ironic that these two star crossed lovers would end up in love. I believe that fate brought them marriage. But in the end human errors is what caused this disaster because all of the decisions from the beginning were based on Romeo and Juliet. This is my input on this tragedy that killed, Romeo and Juliet.

  2. T.Clemons-Kailipaka Says:

    In my opinion, I think the main cause of Romeo and Juliet’s tragedy was human error. If they hadn’t mingled at the party they wouldn’t have ended up dead. The overall foolish decisions that Romeo and Juliet made led them to their deaths. They weren’t the only ones to blame. If Friar Lawrence was wiser, he could have warned them that the marriage wouldn’t work. And if he came up with a smarter plan for Romeo and Juliet, the couple could have lived happily together out of the blood feud between their families.

  3. K. Ili Says:

    I think that human errors are to blame for this tragedy. Mostly, how Romeo and Juliet act in this play. They rushed love. They met for only two minutes and they love each other. I mean they onʻt eve know the other personʻs favorite color or when their birthday is, but the love each other. I also think that Juliet acts really rashly. I mean she was just mad at Romeo because he had heard her confess in being in love with him, then a minute later she tells him that they should get married the next day. Not only that, but she didnʻt even tell her parents about this and they were thinking at the wrong angle, like she hadnʻt gotten over Tybaltʻs death. But what she was really crying about Romeo and the challenges he might be facing with out her. The same is with Romeo, he was supposedly in love with Rosaline but then he saw Juliet and all of a sudden he was in love again. He said that Juliet enflamed the light of love in him. Although, I think he was just mad that Rosaline didnʻt feel the same about him as he did for her, but Juliet shared the same feelings for him if not more and I guess it connected. All of this are examples of why I think that the tragedy of this story was caused by human errors.

  4. I. Santos Says:

    I believe that the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet were caused by themselves, Romeo and Juliet. Their human errors caused both of their tragic deaths. The last scene were based on major human decisions that were crucial to their lives. It went from a teenage love to decisions that could make or break their love and their lives. The decisions they made on an overnight “love” caused them to basically have a miserable lives after that one night. I honestly don’t think that you should make life changing decisions based on technically a one night stand that lasted for 15 seconds. I think that both of them were just desperate for love and over dramatically fell in love with each other by just looking at them. For me I would have to get to know the person first before even letting them become my friend. Romeo and Juliet wanted love and found each other by looks which compliments the saying, “Love at first sight.” Which some people believe in and it works for them. But for most of the people they would usually have to get to know the person before letting them into your personal life and starting a relationship.

  5. C.Broad Says:

    I fell like the parents of Romeo and Juliet are to blame for this horrible outcome. A lot of people may disagree and say that it was because of their love. But I donʻt believe that this is the reason they died, Romeo died because he thought Juliet was dead and Juliet died because she saw that Romeo killed himself for her. I fell like they killed each other because they knew that they could never be together because of the feud between their families. Also because Juliet’s parents turned their back on her when she wouldnʻt marry Paris. Even though she has made mistakes along the way and she should of came clean, her parents shouldnʻt have gave up on her say that she’s the worst daughter in the world. Since Juliet didn’t love Paris she rather kill her self to be with the one she loves, then go through life married to another that she was forced to marry. This is why I think that the parents are to blame for this.
    I think that parents should always be on their kids side and NEVER give up on them when they mess up. Of course back then many kids didnʻt have a lot of say in the choices that were made for them. Also you could be given away at any time or kicked out and banned from your house or village. But still your child is apart of your family and they need as much help as they can get to get through life. If you kick your child out or give them away like their nothing what kind of example are you setting for them. Also I think that a lot this is cause and effect. If Mercutio and Tybalt didn’t die they Romeo would have getten banished from his home town. Juliet wouldnʻt have “died” and Romeo wouldnʻt have killed himself thinking Juliet was dead.

  6. KaulanaL Says:

    I think that the whole situation between them was totally human errors. I blame the whole outcome on both Romeo and Juliet. If they would’ve just told their parents that they were married then the families most likely could’ve made up. Even if the parents didn’t like the opposing family, I’m sure they would’ve parted their differences for their children to be happy. Another thing that I think caused the tragic event was the over exaggeration that the two put into the whole situation. There was no need to kill themselves at all, especially if you don’t know the whole story behind something. Also, it was part friar Lawrences fault because he didn’t inform the parents that he married Romeo and Juliet and that they were also married in the eyes of god.

  7. T.Sullivan Says:

    I think the outcome of this story wasnʻt fate, I believe that we often have control of our own fate and destiny. I believe that this tragedy was entirely human errors. I think that the choices we make today are going to have an impact on our future and we are the ones who decide if our actions are going to impact us positively or negatively in the future. I think in this story the decisions the characters made were very instantaneous and not thought out very well. For example, just the fact that they married each other secretly, without either of their parents consent. Because I believe that anything that you hide from your parents, is going to result in some consequence. Or when Juliet took the poison from Friar Lawrence to make it appear that she was dead and to be in a tomb for 42 hours while she waits for Romeo who may or may not arrive to save her. Or when Romeo mistakenly kills Tybalt and gets banished from Verona for life, luckily his punishment wasnʻt death, yet his actions still resulted in consequences. So I believe that this tragedies outcome was entirely based on human error because I strongly believe that we have the power and impact on our own destiny and fate; because we are our biggest enemy as well as our greatest hero.

  8. L.Krueger Says:

    In all honesty I feel like the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was completely the fault of human errors and it had nothing to do with fate at all. Honestly this whole ordeal could have been avoided if only a few human errors had been avoided or changed. For example the fact the Romeo and Juliet had fallen in love wasn’t by fate it was just love. It may have been a coincidence that enemies had fallen in love but it wasn’t their fault their families were enemies. It was all human error and error between those families that I made them hate each other over who knows what. Another example is when Mercutio and Tybalt died. Both of these fatalities caused more disruptions between the two families. Added more fire to the burning rage that was already between the two households. Both of these fights that caused the two to die could have been avoided, which was another human error. If only Tybalt had backed off and not engaged in a fight maybe he would still be alive. Mercutio could have stayed pout of the fight between Romeo and Romeo could have just walked away but the human error he made caused him his life. Then in return for the death of Mercutio Tybalt was killed my Romeo. Which again could have been prevented if they had decided to choose a different path. Another example is that Romeo and Juliet could have avoided their own deaths if they had done a lot of different choices, because they had many other decisions to choose from. For instances when they had fallen in love they could have simply told their parents. Yes their families are enemies, but they love their children so much they probably would have gotten along for the sake of them. This was a silly human error on both of their parts. Then at another point in the play when Romeo and Juliet had gotten married, they could have easily told their parents about the marriage avoiding the whole death thing. But yet again they decided not to being yet another human error. When Juliet had been given away to Paris she also had another chance to tell her parents about being married for Juliet but she didn’t, adding on to the list of human errors she made. Some other humans errors that were made in this play that contributed to the death of Romeo and Juliet is the fact that neither the Friar of the Nurse told any one the truth behind Romeo and Juliet when at some points telling the true would be the correct thing to do. Honestly I could go on and on about all the human errors that were made in this play that contributed to Romeo and Juliet’s death. There was a number of human errors that could have been fixed, avoided, or simply change, but some how everyone seemed to pick the worse outcome. Now no matter what happened in the play we all know Romeo and Juliet had to die.

  9. Kailikea Kekuawela Says:

    The odds that this story was fate are about the same odds as you winning the lottery. Each human error played a key factor and role in the tragic ending of Romeo and Juliet’s lives. As soon as these two met, it was a recipe for disaster because of the history behind these families.Even though these two families had their differences, there was a slight chance that these two love birds had a chance of being together. That chance slowly diminished as you continued on to into the story. The first and most crucial mistakes were the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt. This caused Romeo to be banished from the city which would set major complications between Romeo and Juliet. The other crucial error was the messenger that did not deliver the plan to Romeo which caused him to take his life because he was not aware of the current situation. Which then led to Juliet’s death after seeing romeo dead beside her. This story was filled with deception, lies, and misunderstanding that all came around later and bit each one of the characters in the butt. The odds are very unlikely that this story was fate, the facts don’t lie.

  10. V.Araujo Says:

    I think the cause of the tragedy of the play was mainly due to human errors. The things that happened were because of a series of events that altered the plan and caused Romeo and Juliet to make impulsive decissions to kill themselves. Romeo and Juliet took what they had from a teenage love, to a marriage, and ended up killing themselves because they thought the other had died. A series of events led to their deaths, and all were caused by the people around them. The plan to put Juliet to sleep so everyone thought she was dead so she could escape and go to Romeo worked ant first but, then the message never got to Romeo. When he went to the tomb, Paris was there and tried to kill him. Romeo killed Paris,and looked upon Juliet’s lifeless body and killed himself by drinking poison. Then Juliet woke up, found Romeo dead, and killed herself. All of this was because of their actions and the actions of the people around them.

  11. E Hodson Says:

    I say that it was Romeo and Julietʻs fault because they were the ones that fell in love. Friar Lawrence also played a part in their situation. The Friar was the person that married Romeo and Juliet. Although the Friar thought that he was helping the couple, he was actually making their family conflict worse. You canʻt really blame Romeo and Juliet because they basically being told what to do from the Friar. I think most of the blame falls on the Friar. He caused the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. I think real human errors happen mostly because of influence. Many teenagers today get into bad situations because of their peers. Many teens today are peer pressured and are sometimes forced to do something that they donʻt want to do. In Romeo and Julietʻs situation, the Friar was telling them what to do without thinking of the bad outcomes. Romeo and Juliet mostly did what they did because they didmʻt think for themselves. Romeo and Julietʻs tragedy falls on the Friar because they asked him for his help.

  12. Keahi Ishibashi Says:

    I believe that unfortunately, Romeo doomed himself when he fell in love with a member of the family that he was raised to despise since ancient times. From the moment he discovered Juliet’s bloodline, he should’ve been the wiser to the situation, and backed off. Fate is often cruel, and will twist ironic situations such as these, but they can be avoided using simple common sense, therefore this entire situation can be left up to human mistakes. Had Romeo not overreacted to his former love’s rejections, he wouldn’t have gotten himself in such a mess in the first place.

  13. K Akui Says:

    i think that the outcome of this story is ironic. All in a matter of seconds they changed both of their lives. Everything could of changed in literally a blink of an eye. I think that everyone shoudnt jump to conclusions and just be patient. I also feel like the plan was doomed in the beginning. I feel the worst for Paris how he got tied into everything, if he wasnt paying his respects to his fiance he would of lived. So i just think that the story is mind blowing. The last part had to be my favorite.

  14. Keahi Ishibashi Says:

    (PLEASE DISREGARD PREVIOUS POST. I hit submit by accident.) I believe that unfortunately, Romeo doomed himself when he fell in love with a member of the family that he was raised to despise since ancient times. From the moment he discovered Juliet’s bloodline, he should’ve been the wiser to the situation, and backed off. Fate is often cruel, and will twist ironic situations such as these, but they can be avoided using simple common sense, therefore this entire situation can be left up to human mistakes. Had Romeo not overreacted to his former love’s rejections, he wouldn’t have gotten himself in such a mess in the first place. Romeo’s carelessness definately played its part in the fate of the two forbidden lovers, but the very blood feud and the families behind it were at fault as well. If Romeo and Juliet HAD in fact, truly been in love, and the families hadn’t held such a grudge against each other, they wouldn’t have had to meet in secret, and it would have been much easier for them to wed. The hatred of the families often got the two into trouble, as how Sir Capulet’s planned proposal to Paris had upset Juliet, or how Mercutio’s little exchange with Tybalt forced Romeo’s hand. It goes to show how much a little feud can mess up the lives of those not even involved, and such led up to the fate of Romeo and Juliet.

  15. Khaumea Says:

    I think that the this tragedy happened because they didn’t know better. If they just told their parents then they wouldn’t have to fake a death or kill themselves. But I also think that they died because both families were enemies. Romeo and Juliet thought that their families would be upset and not accept their love and they wouldn’t be able to see each other ever again. Really Romeo and Juliet only knew each other for about a day. If they would have waited to get married then everything would have been just fine. If the Friar would have told both families they could have worked something out, but they were just too scared of what the outcome might be. There are so much people to blame here. Romeo and Juliet for trying to rush into this relationship. Both families should be blamed for hating each other so much. Also the Friar should be blamed for not telling anybody about this relationship. This whole tragedy was all because of human errors.

  16. M.Clarke Says:

    I think that Romeo and Juliet are to blame for the outcome of the story. They caused the tragedy because they were the tragedy and also because of how they rushed their relationship. They both thought they were in love with one another when really, they met just for a couple of minutes each time over the course of one day. I also think that it was Friar Laurence that caused a lot of this also. He married them, which was him pretty much saying that it was okay for them to get married. I understand that he was looking at the big picture of getting the families reunited but I don’t think he really thought about it for a long time because of just how rushed everything was. Also some of it was just timing, because as Friar John was going to give the letter to Romeo they wouldn’t let him in, in fear of him having the black plague.

  17. K Akui {add on} Says:

    Cont… I dont understand why he needed the potion. I know that he wanted to help the beggar by giving him some money. But now if they cared enough about someone breaking the law by selling illegal potions they can figure out who sold it to Romeo, and punish him. Even though the man told him that it was illegal Romeo still found a way to talk him into it, punishment was death. I think that the Friar is somewhat of a coward because when he found them dead he didnt stop or help Juliet and tell her whats going on, instead he ran from the guard, causing Juliets death.

  18. t.kupahu Says:

    I think the montague and capulets are to blame for this out come because the two houses are in a feud and Romeo and Juliet were in love but could tell anyone because their family would not approve of it so they had to keep it a secret and Juliets dad wanted her to marry Paris and that rushed the whole prosses of what Friar Laurnce, Romeo and Juliets plan, but I also think that it was Romeo and Julietʻs fault because they moved to fast and they could of waited a little more instead of rushing things.

  19. A.Kahoopii Says:

    i think the blame could fall towards Romeo or Juliet. I do think that Romeo is more to blame because of the fact he did more things during this play, like killing Tybalt, or telling Juliet they should get married. But it could be either solely because of the fact that they both could have told their parents at any time during this play. Especially when the Caplets arranged Juliets marriage to Paris. That would have been the perfect time to just come clean and admit that she ALREADY married Romeo. This would have been especially effective because of the fact that back in those times marriage was extremely sacred, and they were also “married in the eyes of god”, because of the fact that they consummated the marriage. So the neither parents would not be able to do anything about it. It could also be considered more Juliets fault because of the fact that instead of telling her parents that she couldn’t marry Paris because she was already married, instead she goes along with the Friars plan to have her drink a potion to make her appear dead. This might have been a good idea in retrospect but many things could’ve gone wrong and did go wrong. So the Friar also has his hand in this, he could’ve also gone and told the Capulets and the Montagues that he married their children, which they would’ve been furious of course, but all of this unnecessary deaths could have been avoided if they would’ve just told the truth.

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