Romeo & Juliet: Act IV

January 18th, 2013 by Mrs. Tavares

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Act IV

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  1. K. Ili Says:

    I think that the main problem today is racial. People can choose to be whatever religion they choose and others can’t tell or do anything to them. Even the ethnicities are not a big problem today, but racial is. Kids are racist to others because of what skin color they are. For example black people. Many people are racist against black people and because elf how they look, and even some really white people with red hair and freckles. There are all kinds of names for types of people like these but they are really disrespectful and are names that children should not know but do. Things could probably resolve this might be like spending time with these kinds of people and learning how they think instead of how they look. Another thing might be like teaching our children that these people are also people and not to be the names that they are called. It is like one go God’s commandments, treat people the way you want to be treated. I also think that it will be hard to do this because people today have big egos and reputations that they think is more important than other people.

  2. L.Krueger Says:

    There are many ethnic, racial, and religious cruelties that have happened, and are still happening to this day. Yet there are still some of these that are more widespread and bigger than other. Although we may live in a small state that’s part of a big country there are many ethnic, racial, and religious cruelties that I am aware of, thanks to social media. One ethic or racial cruelty that I am aware of in todays society is the fact that many African American people have been on the news for being violently beaten sometimes even shoot and killed by another cop. It may seem like its not an ethnic thing but a lot of the police officers that have beaten and killed these African Americans are white cops and a lot of what they are stating as there defense is “they looked threatening” or “they were in the wrong neighbor hood and the people in that neighborhood said they looked dangerous.” This is just absolutely ridiculous that this would happen. Yes I understand that there are a wide variety of cops, and I also understand that there are also many white people that get beaten of pulled over by cops. But the thing is lately a lot of the news as been about white cops hurting African Americans. Honestly this type of thing could be solved in a lot of different ways. One way this could be solved is there could be more strict rules on how cops are able to get physical or there could be more strict rules on how often the cops could use their weapons. Another way this could be solved is African Americans could be taught about what happen in this situation so if a cop was to approach them then there would be a less likely chance of them getting hurt if they were nice and didn’t provoke the office, but I not saying that the African Americans are always the ones causing the violence. Something the cops could do to fix this is they could learn to be ore nice and understand towards African Americans because not all of them are mean and not all them want to fight them. There are multiple ways that both parties could fix this issue. There are also religious cruelties that I see in society today. One of the religious problems that I see todays is that ISIS is going around destroying and vandalizing religious artifacts and important relics to those in their country. Honestly this is kind of sad and heart breaking to hear about because some of the things they have destroyed and vandalized very important to their religion. The more heart-breaking thing is that once they did this they could never go back to way they were. For example one of the things they did was take over a church and the library then ISIS proceeded to destroy all signs of religion, they even destroyed one of the most important boos, which could be traced back to the beginning of their religion. But now the people will never be able to see that book again and that makes me sad. There are many ways this problem could be solved, but there are also many ways this could go wrong. This is a terrorist group I’m talking about, and this is serious stuff. We could always just kill them all but that would take forever and take a lot of money. We could also try and save all the artifacts but then again we cant do that the group is everywhere and it would b hard to save that many things. The sad thing is no matter what we do to make this world more safe and fair there is always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with what we want. This right here shows that human hatred and others wanting to disagree will always be relevant in the world, because this is just one of those things that withstand the test of time, sadly. Just like in the play Romeo and Juliet’s families has been fighting forever, but over what? Did they have a disagreement? Did the over family have a different outlook on something? Honestly I would be surprised because there are always going to be people that don’t agree with each other. The world will never be a truly equal and fair place, which makes me sad. Its sad that Romeo and Juliet’s family had to have such a hatred for each other, and again the situations that I’ve mentioned there were many ways that these two families could have resolved the problem. It’s sad that the way their fighting had to be fixed ended up in the bloodshed of their children. To start it off they could have resolved this problem by simply talking it out like normal people do, they could have just talked to each other about their indifferences and then hopefully they could have solved the problem. The other way they could have solved the problems could have been that they just agreed that they would stay away from each other. Instead of hating and fighting they could have just agreed to disagree. The last way that I could think of that they could have solved this was just telling their parents that the both of them got married. Both of their parents seemed like they loved their kids very much, so if they told them that they had gotten married, then I feel like they would have understood the situation. Causing the families to settle their difference and ending the long time family feud. No matter what era, as long as there are humans there will always been indifferences between people, but there will also always be a way that the problem could be fixed. It’s just a matter of wanting to fix the problem or not wanting to fix the issues. This play and society has just proven that problems will always be relevant.

  3. D.Simmons Says:

    Today there are many ways people are ethnicity haters .But for me it is the fact that people on this island have a total bias against us as kids of kamehameha. The have such prejudice against us and the think that we are all spoiled brats. But most of us aren’t we go to school lie another kid we are put into the same kinds of learning environments and our school runs longer than others. The way we can resolve this is by ignoring those who deny us and prove them wrong.

  4. A.Hooper Says:

    There are many examples of ethic, racial, and religious hatred in our world. Some of these examples date back to Martin Luther King days which was a war between the black and white. Another huge example of stereotypes was the holocaust, which was the worst religious, ethic, and racial act in the history of mankind. Those two examples are what has shaped the way the world acts today. In current time, we see racist and ethic acts in our home, Hawaiʻi. The people who live here always descriminate against another race such as that filipinos eat black dog and that chinease have bad vision because of the size of their eyes. We also see these acts in our very school. Being in such a prestigious school, we are often judged by other people who think we are spoiled and brats. In the mainland there are gangs and groups around the world that discriminate against any person that doesnʻt wear the right color or drive the right car in their neighborhood which results in death. and massive shoot outs. There are ways that we can solve this crisis that is unfolding before our eyes. We can each have one day a year where we can let all of our rage out and we can have freedom of speech about another culture, religion or ethic value all around the world. This will decrease our hatred towards each other and will end with less suicides and assassinations. We can also make support groups and organizations that bring cultures and ethnicities together to forget their differences. This are problems and solutions that is going on around our world.

  5. T.Clemons-Kailipaka Says:

    Racial preference and religion play a big part in the American society today and always has. Most people rely on stereotypes to judge a certain religion or race. There will always be a group who will judge another group based on their looks and culture. In my opinion, I think this is wrong. Society should let individuals determine the way they are treated. As an American I see racism and discrimination everyday. I feel that your race still determines what you are limited to. Being a certain race will restrict you from fitting in at certain places. From childhood, people are raised to discriminate against certain groups. Including myself too. I was raised to think that Caucasians or haoles totally disregard the feelings of Hawaiians and that they think they are higher than everyone else. Personally I don’t think that.

  6. KaulanaL Says:

    Racial, Ethnic or religion discrimination happens all the time. the biggest atrocity that I think of would be the Holocaust. This comes to mind because of the impact that it had on the Jewish religion and how much people were killed in the holocaust. That event was one of the worst examples of racial/religion discriminations to happen in the history of the world. To me, it was disgusting to hear that people would do these things to other people because of their beliefs. Also, I was sad to hear that people would trash the Jewish peoples stores and their houses just because a person said to, even though that the Jewish people worked hard for their life. It was all thrown away when people started listening to Hitler. However, I think that the most common type of discrimination today would be racial. Lots of people are racist towards people just because of the way they look and their skin tone. One way they could be resolved is if peoples parents teach their children to respect people then, there most likely wouldn’t be problems like this.

  7. C.Broad Says:

    Racial and ethnic hatred has been going on for years in our world. Ethnic hatred refers to feelings and acts of prejudice and opposition towards an ethnic group. Right now, someone in the world could be getting killed or seriously hurt because of their ethnicity, race, or belief. An example is Micronesians and locals in Hawaiʻi. Many locals now days make fun of Micronesians all the time and they think nothing of it. I hear stories all the time about kids bring knives to school and starting fights with other ethnic groups and some people end up getting seriously hurt. When we think of Hawaiʻi we think paradise, but just because were isolated does not mean that bad things donʻt happen. This happens all over the world and it needs to stop we donʻt need one ethnicity/race ruling the world, we ALL need to work together to bring something new to that table that will help and impact the world in a good way. Also we donʻt even think about the words we say we donʻt think twice before we talk we just say it like it doesnʻt mean anything, but these words can really hurt, especially when we use it in a derogatory way. For example many people in the mainland, and here in Hawaiʻi believe that all Hawaiians are lazy, they do nothing, and they sit on the beach all day and count sand. But this couldnʻt be any farther from the truth. Sure some Hawaiians do this but not all do, many have jobs they have lives and they work really hard to support their families. Hawaiians work hard and they get the job done. We also assume that just because someone is Asian, their smart and good at math. We grew up with these things and donʻt stop to think about how bad they are. This feud between the Capulets and the Montague, has been going on for a very long time most of them probably donʻt even know what it was about. Juliet’s parents are basically judging their own daughter about who she loves. And guess what, she “dies”. They probably feel guilty for this because I know I would. They feel the worst for themselves because someone took their own life for being judged. Many of this happened today except people don’t “die” they actually take their own life and they donʻt wake up from it like Juliet does.

  8. M.Clarke Says:

    I think that racial and religious discrimination happens very often. In our school I hear racial jokes a lot and most of the time it’s directed towards our friends and after if the friend is hurt by it, the person who said the joke is all like ‘oh come on its a joke lighten up’. It’s terrible that when someone of a certain race has to just take it because then people will say it’s just a joke, but it’s their feelings being repressed. Religious discrimination is something that happens globally, the biggest one at the moment is ISIS. They are a prime example of religious discrimination. It’s unbelievable that some people are willing to show how far religion is. An example from Shakespeare time is Queen Mary a.k.a. Bloody Mary, who tortured people into turning catholic before killing them so they could go to Heaven.

  9. Keahi Ishibashi Says:

    Racism and religious disputes have been around for years, not excluding today’s society. Though it may be less rampant in America (Or perhaps more subtle) its presence is made well known throughout the world. Religious disputes between those of Jewish faith and those who live in Iraq escalated into the war in which America is sending its troops into this very day, and all for different ways people view god. Racial diversity is not a belief widely accepted throughout the world either, as in most third-world countries, people of differing ethinicites (as opposed to the locals) will not find it uncommon to be ridiculed or taunted by those already living there, and some are even taken into slavery for simply being a different color. Of course it was much worse back then, as all people of color in America were living in cotton fields and living under constant torment and being objected to slave-work in all aspects of life. The truly disgusting thing is that the people were okay with it, seeing treating another human life as a slave as nothing but a normal day to day thing. There was that, and there was the man who went so far as to attempt to exterminate an entire religion (and almost succeded), Adolf Hitler. Racism is truly a disgusting thing, and still very much exists to this day.

  10. I. Santos Says:

    In today’s world, everyone is mainly still focused about religion and race. Way back when racism was the biggest issue in the United States and it is somehow still a problem today. There are still white people hating against black people and black people hating against white people and for what reason? Whatever happened in the past stays in the past, there is nothing we can do to change that. People hold on to that hate and revenge that happened years ago and bring it out today in the society. That racism that people have caused religious problems as well. I thought that we have a free choice of what we want to believe in and yet others are judging people and their beliefs. Who honestly cares what the other person, probably someone they don’t even know, what they believe in? I don’t get it at all. If we all just focus on personalities and not care what others believe in, we would all have so many more friends and peace in this world. My main opinion in religion is, as long as we believe in God it is okay. It doesn’t matter how we believe in him, it just matters that we do.

  11. T. Sullivan Says:

    I think one of the largest religious atrocities in our society today is ISIS. The Islamic State or ISIS is the group that during the Iraq War was often referred to as “Al-Qaeda in Iraq”. ISIS is the world’s largest terrorist group and the group claims it is an independent state with claims to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. It was established in the early years of the Iraq War and the group has also targeted military and governments of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is also the most ruthless terrorist group in the world, claiming responsibility for attacks that have killed thousands of Iraqi civilians. According to a study completed by U.S. intelligence agencies, the Islamic State has plans to seize power and turn the country into a fundamentalist Islamic state. Although there are no terroristic acts in this play, I think all actions of Friar are controversial to his position as a religious figurehead. Although I believe that the Friar’s intentions are good and pure, I think that because of his position in society his actions are disputable. I think the religious atrocities in the play aren’t nearly as severe as we have today, but I think a way that both of these complications could be solved is just with peace and honesty.

  12. V.Araujo Says:

    I think racism is a pretty big problem in our society today. People are being discriminated against because of the color of their skin or what race they are. We can’t choose the color of our skin and what race we are, and I don’t think people should be judged by that. i think people should be judged by their actions, not the way they look. This problem has been going on for a long time, and I personally think it needs to stop. People are judging others by skin color and ethnicity, but i don’t think that really matters. What matters is what they do and say and how they act. People should not be judged by something that they did not choose.

  13. Kailikea Kekuawela Says:

    Currently in the U.S. there has been multiple cases where a Caucasian police officer has taken the life of a colored citizen. Each of these cases were pleaded as accidents or mistakes, but many believe their deaths were linked to racism. The discrimination between African-Americans and Caucasian showcases that racial discrimination still causes deaths in the 20th century.Itʻs almost impossible to completely stop this racial hate, but our best bet is to get of the haters and teach the next generation to treat people based on their personality and not the color of their skin. In Romeo and Juliets case, they are believed to be the solution to their families complications.

  14. K Akui Says:

    I think that EVERY place in the world has some type of prejudice. Everyone judges people from how they look on the outside. Judging by their skin color, hair color, social status, and even how much money they have. Since i just got in to Kamehameha i know what people think of the kids that go here. And its all wrong. And i to am guilty of doing this as well, i think we all have false judged someone in our life times. The kids are spoiled, rich , snobby kids. Students are students no matter what school we go to. I think that everyone wants to judge because theres a chance that its correct. I just hope that people can put there differences aside so that every one can see that fighting over nothing is idiotic. Like in the play, the familys are obviously blind to notice that they really love eachother. WE need to open our eyes and see that everyone is a like, no matter someones skin tone, Ammount of money that they have and or there social status. I truly think that if rivalry bet ween the two familys is so strong,then Romeo and Juliet would not of fallen in love in the first place.

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