Romeo & Juliet: Act I

January 18th, 2013 by Mrs. Tavares

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Act I

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  1. T.Clemons-Kailipaka Says:

    Episodes like this occur in school. Although i’ve never been a part of a fight between two groups, I can see it happening and have seen it happen. Things like false rumors can start a fight and it’s easy for the hotheads of the groups to take things into their on hands and start a fight. It usually ends in both parties getting in trouble.

  2. Khaumea Says:

    This could take place between gangs on the street. Maybe one of them were on their turf and they started getting into a big fight. The police have to come and break up the fight, just like what the prince did. Its very common for this to happen today because everyone is so diverse and really keep their distance, but when they come in contact bad things happen. Some details to change are the clothing of the two groups, and also what they use to fight, which would usually be their fists. This really got me thinking how much back then is related to how everything is now.

  3. M.Clarke Says:

    At the beginning of the act there was a big fight between most of the Montagues and Capulet members and servants. On the mainland theres a lot of gangs and fighting going on in private and public. There also is a lot of verbal fighting in school because of a couple rumors or with couples that are angry with each other. People who like to fist fight in public are usually arrested by the police like how Prince Escalus broke up the two families. Besides fighting there was also the ball which Romeo and his friends crashed. In this era we still have dances and a lot of teenagers go to them and if anything the dances the school throws for us, like prom. Nobody wears masks to dances unless its a masquerade dance/ball or it’s Halloween.

  4. A.Hooper Says:

    Violence is everywhere in this world no matter where you go. Fights between groups and individuals are explicit and seen on social media, television, and places such as food markets and the normal streets in our towns and cities. Violence takes place in many different forms such as verbal and physical. Our world nowadays are based off of bias and stereotype accusations that end up with a group of individuals against another. These fights are not only with adults but with children in school. The reason why kids and teens fight is because either your a nerd, a funny person, or the cool guys. For adults it’s the same but the pyramid of popularity goes like this; the rich, the middle class, and the homeless/broke class. These are just some examples of violence seen in everyday life. Currently on the island of Hawai’i we are going through a religious and sacred crisis with the government. We Hawaiians believe that it is not right that they get to choose whats best for one of our most sacred artifacts. This is truly a battle between the people and the government and both of them standing up for what they both believe is the right thing to do. So no matter where you go or what you do there will always be violence around you but you have to ask yourself, which team am I on?

  5. D.Simmons Says:

    The beginning of the story starts off with a battle from two sides of a blood feud. This could happen today because we have many gang wars. Some of the most famous gang wars are between the bloods and the crips. Another thing that could take place today is the party that the capulets threw. Although the party wouldn’t be quite the same it would still have the same attributes.Although people wouldn’t come and party with masks we still have parties where kids and adults are invited. We all dance and have fun so the party would be pretty similar.

  6. V.Araujo Says:

    During Act 1 there was a fight between the servants of Montague and Capulet. It is not unlike what happens today. Rival groups fighting over rumors or territory or pure provocation. Although they would probably not be fighting with swords, they would still fight until some steps in to break it up. The cause of the fight could be the same as well; two groups that don’t like each other could start fighting at just the sight of each other. Another part of Act 1 that is similar to what happens today is the party that is hosted by Lord Capulet. Parties are always being thrown nowadays. The parties are very similar as well, filled with alcohol and dancing, now though the music and dancing is different and the way that they dress is different, but the idea is basically the same. The times have changed greatly, but some of the activities remain, though altered to suit the people of today.

  7. D.Simmons Says:

    But a party that would be similar is a halloween party or a mascarade ball. These would be similar due to the fact that we wear costumes and masks.

  8. C.Broad Says:

    The long lasting feud between the Montagues and the Capulets is not too far from the gang fights for power that we have today. Although times have change over the past 200 years. We donʻt draw swords but sometimes things are taken WAY to far, and good innocent people sometimes end up getting hurt, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just like in school many students will fight for popularity and do anything for it, because the believe that popularity will give you power. Another situation that I could see happening is Romeo and Julietʻs first encounter. People then and now havenʻt changed too much on the concept of LOVE. A boy meets a girl they talk and end up falling in LOVE. (Well in just about every movie) If it were to happen to day it properly happen in school or at a party on the weekend. Somethings would have changed though. Like the way Romeo grabbed and kissed Juliet in the first 5 minutes that they met. Something like that wouldnʻt have happened today, first you would get to know the person first. Teenagers now days would just talk and become friends at first. Then they would start to get to know more about each other and their families. Kids now days would never kiss a random stranger that they have never met before and they don’t even know their name.

  9. Taylor Sullivan Says:

    I think these types of episodes probably take place every weekend at parties across America, as well as here in Hawaii. I think as teens this type of behavior happens all the time. Teens always think that the easiest way to relieve their stress or get over a break up is to party or to “crash” someone else’s party. I also think that teens are very “short term thinkers”, and they don’t really think about the consequences after the party or event. Or how their actions during the party are going to impact them in their future. Romeo, before going to the party, was rather depressed and emotional like teens today even. But while he was at the party he had met Juliet, and from that night his life had completely changed. Three days later he and Juliet died. I don’t believe that, that exact same indecent happens where you fall in love at a party and three days later you die. But today, and incident that might happen is that a teen would attend a party, and drive intoxicated and die three days later in the hospital. So, although the action of this play takes place in Italy in the fourteenth century, we can still recognize similarities between the culture of that time and that of our own. So, I also believe as Mrs. Tavares always says, “time changes, but people never really do”.

  10. Kailikea Kekuawela Says:

    When I first heard of the hatred these two families had for each other, and what extremes they went through to hurt each other, I couldn’t help but to be shocked. As I thought about it more, I soon realized we are still no different from them all around the world. Right Here in America, people kill each other for something as silly as a gang sign or a tattoo. A good reenactment would be at a Walmart, and 2 blood members recognize 2 kryp members as their cruising around. They meet each other and start to fight till the death. One of their gang leaders heard the commotion and ordered them to stop. The battle would be over , but the war between each other had just begun. We often judge and laugh at what the people before us did, but truly some of the stuff we laugh at still lives on today.

  11. I. Santos Says:

    In Act 1 at the beginning of the scene where the Montagues and Capulets are fighting in public they draw their swords and innocent peoples lives are at risk. There is plenty of violence all around the world now days where innocent people lives are at risk or even taken. Things are happening in Syria where people are being beheaded. A lower incident that relates to violence is also in school. Young people have disagreements and might start arguing. Rumors are spread and the people involve start fighting. Violence is everywhere in the world today. It’s like people think violence is the only key to getting what they want or to settle things.

  12. L.Krueger Says:

    After reading and listening through act 1 I realized that a lot of what happened in this play could happen today. In fact it does happen in this day and age for instance the part where Romeo says he is so in love with Rosaline and that he will never love another girl again, but then sees Juliet at the ball and fall instantly in love with her. This kind of thing could be easily see in todays society. Pretty much everywhere you go you could see of find at least one married couple that has an unfaithfully spouse. The only difference between Romeo falling in and out of love so easily is that Romeo was never legally committed to Rosaline, but in todays society married couples are legally together, but again throughout out time not matter what there’s always going to be people that just fall in and out of love easily. Another thing in the play that could be seen in today’s world is fighting between two people. In the play there is a huge feud between the Capulets and the Montagues. This could been seen in todays world in several different instances. For example there are countries that have feuds with each other, like us, America has many feuds (war) with other countries and a lot of countries don’t like us either. Just like, hoe the Capulets and Montagues never liked each other. The only difference is the Capulets and Montagues where just family, in todays world you seen the fight going on between whole countries, which kind of scare me. Another example could also be seen with normal families in today’s world. You see it all the time just normal families don’t like each other just because one of them did something to the other a long times ago years ago. This happened all the time families just don’t like the other because of the things they did, then they pass it down to their kids and their kids’ kids. This is [pretty much the same things as the Romeo and Juliet’s story. One last example that that could be seen in today’s world is companies. There are some many companies that have feuds with each other over things that happen year ago. This is kind of like Romeo and Juliet except the fight is between two companies (probably over the products they sell) instead of families. Honestly from reading act 1 I realized that no matter the place in time, things are going to happen, and some things will never change with time.

  13. t.kupahu Says:

    In the beginning of Act 1 the Montagues and Capulets were fighting and they put all the villagers people in danger. I think teens now do the same thing because they would fight and some times put the other person is the hospital and/or kill them and they wouldn’t care. In the middle Romeo was heart broken because Rosaline didn’t want him. Teens these days feel the same way because they always love in love or think they fall in love and then brake up and get there heart broken and think they will never love again but then fine someone else the next day……

  14. K.Akui Says:

    I think that what happen in scene 1 happens alot these days. How Romeo was IN LOVE with Rosaline and he will never live another girl again. But then that same night he fell in love with juliet instantly. That happens alot these days. People sometimes do think that Love is everything. And we cant live with out that one person that we love so much. Also how there was alot of arguments, we speak to eachother like what we say isnt going to have an impact. We tend to not think before we speak and do. Even though the differences between our eras are HUGE gaps of time, we tend to have the same attitude and reasoning to or for living the way we do and the way they did. I also think that its awesome how their familys are eachothers enemys.

  15. Keahi Ishibashi Says:

    This story definately presents realistic scenarios, that of which I would not be surprised to see in a modern-day society. It presents simple conflicts which define basic human problems. The situations don’t play out necessarily the same as portrayed in the story (Violent outbursts among the servants for example) but the conflicts still remain similar to modern-day issues. One such issue is seen in the way Romeo chooses to deal with heartbreak, sulking and avoiding his loved ones. We also see how families will rally around when one is in trouble, like how when the two servants began bickering, the heads of the houses along with everyone else showed up to the dispute. I believe that such episodes such as these could definately take place. The two family’s constant killings of each other could be easily compared to modern-day gang fights, as most gangs are made up by families or friends. Another episode could be the Romeo’s friends trying to get him out to the party, relating to when a bunch of teenagers feel like going up to the bar when one of their friends have lost their girlfriend. It just goes to show that despite the differing time-periods, the situations can remain the same.

  16. K. Ili Says:

    This reminds me of Democrats and Republicans. The same thing is happening today. But instead of letting the whole world know what they are trying to do to each other, they are working in the shadows. It defines the nature of human beings and how we will go through whatever obstacles to get what we want even if it hurts someone physically and or mentally. Act I also portrays that love is merely a thought, because Romeo says he was “in love” with Rosaline and will never love another person, but finds that she doesn’t feel the same way for him, Romeo sulks and becomes a negative and rude.

  17. KaulanaL Says:

    There is lots of violence and fights all around, wether they are verbal or physical. However, at our school they are mostly verbal fights and they tend to get lots of people in trouble because lots of different people get involved with these fights, even if it doesn’t correlate with those people at all. When the Capulets and Montagues fight in public, it reminds me of “scraps” that we have here in Hawaii. These fights typically occur when people from different “turfs” see each other and start making fun of one another. These fights then turn into big “scraps” where it’s one sides friends vs. the other sides friends, even if those people had nothing to do with the initial verbal harass.

  18. J. Perry Says:

    The opening scene of Act I, where the servants of the respective families get into a brawl, is very comparable to modern day events that occur everyday all the time, arguments, big and small are always happening. People are always disagreeing with each other for whatever reasons, and sometimes these conflicts of interests and turn into physical confrontation. Also, as in Act I of Romeo & Juliet, the initial fight by the servants of over something silly and unimportant: a centuries-old feud between two affluent Italian families since time immemorial. No one knows when or how this feud started, all that people do know is that its going on, and thats its good for nobody. Too bad they didn’t realize that until the heirs of the families both died.

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