Session Descriptions

Liz Castillo

BYOL to come and learn about Edmodo and set up your account.  Edmodo is a free social networking tool designed especially for classrooms.  This session will give an overview of how to incorporate Edmodo for creating a positive, safe, and educational PLN (Personal Learning Network) in your classroom, to enhance learning across any subject and grade level.

Blogging 101
Ellen Cordeiro

So you have a KS Blog (or not) now what? In this session you will learn how other Middle School teachers are using their Blogs to enhance instruction and communicate with parents and students. You’ll also leave with a bunch of tools you can use in conjunction with your KS Blog.

Twitter for Teachers

Ellen Cordeiro

Do you ever feel like you have too much information to manage and not enough time? Does searching for resources for your classroom ever get you lost in cyberspace? If so, this is the workshop for you. We will explore the use of Twitter and Tweet Deck and how to leverage these tools for on demand Professional Development and to keep you up to date with current trends and best practices in your field.

Blackboard 101: Get Started Using Blackboard Today
Kelly Cua

Learn about the benefits of using Blackboard in the classroom and some tips and tricks to get you up and running in no time. We will take a look at how to use Blackboard to post course content, communicate with students, access and assign student work, and use some of the special features found within Blackboard to add interaction and collaboration between students. Come with your laptops, ready for a hands-on session. Blackboard beginners are welcome!

Power of Edutainment
Justin Culley

An introduction to powerful and free, online tools available for turning any classroom into an interactive and fun learning environment. By doing this, teachers enhance student participation and curriculum relevance for our digital natives.

Culture-based Resources and Technology Integration in the 21st Century Classroom
Kelly Dukelow

This session will examine the definition of 21st century skills by exploring how culture-based learning resources and uses of technology address the needs of 21st century learners. We will look at examples of how KS’s Instructional Services Center (ISC) uses these strategies in their A’o Kumu online professional-development program and `Ike Hawai`i online courses. Participants will leave with access to an electronic binder of related resources and relevant applications.

Increase your productivity with Outlook 2010

Lynne Horiuchi

You can do more than just check your email with Outlook. In this session you will see how Outlook 2010 can help you to be more productive. You will learn how to manage your time, contacts, and mailbox more effectively. Learn about the latest features in Outlook, such as accomplishing multi-step tasks with just one click, customizing the quick access toolbar, and taking screenshot without launching another application. This is a hands-on session so please bring your laptops.

Internet Safety Basics for Educators
Lynne Horiuchi

Build awareness instead of fear as you and your students discover how the power of the Internet can be harnessed for safe learning and communication.
Topics include: Protecting your digital footprint, navigating the web safely, and digital citizenship.

Global Project-based Learning
Mark Standley

Diversity in language and culture among students and staff can be either a challenge or opportunity. Global project-based learning is a model for working with diverse students to utilize the differences into distinct learning advantages. Whether the projects include local populations or working to include students from other countries, global project-based learning provides concrete techniques for valuing diversity, integrating technology in project-based learning, and growing community support at schools.

Teaching Powerful Storytelling
Mark Standley

Storytelling is at the heart of good learning and relationships. This session prepares learners to incorporate technology and story telling into the classroom. Using the process of storyboarding, digital movie creation, web-based streaming of video, and community marketing, you will learn to incorporate the power and spectrum of video technology into your teaching.

Photos 2.0

Alan Tamayose

Description: This session is about editing and sharing photos quickly and easily. If you don’t have the time to learn Photoshop or to email 100 photos two-at-a-time, then this breakout is for you.
“Picnik is photo editing online. It gives real people photo editing superpowers. It’s fast, easy, and it’s free.”
“Yogile is easy photo sharing. Yogile is different because it lets multiple people contribute with ease.”

Collaborating with Google Docs
Mimi Wong

Looking for and easy way to provide feedback through the writing process?  Need a tool that will enable students to fluidly collaborate on group projects?  Learn how Google Docs can provide solutions to these needs at this hands-on session.


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