Coding and Building in the HMC

During the last few weeks of school, our fourth and fifth graders have been busy building and coding in our Media Center.  We have been using some our La No’ono’o Days to have our students experiment with coding and building.  We recently purchased large LEGO bricks and had the students use their imaginations and creativity by designing and building different types of mazes.  Their classmates then took our KES Dot and Dash robots and coded them to race through the mazes.  During both activities, the students had to put both their knowledge of science and math together and work to create mazes that their classmates could program in 20-30 minutes.  Although it was a challenge, the days were boisterous and full of wonderful collaborations.  Way to go fourth grade!  

Our fifth graders also had a great opportunity to learn from a team of South Korean students who recently visited our middle school campus as part of a international student exchange.  The South Korean students discussed and demonstrated how they used scale coding and artificial intelligence to program and control Altino cars.  Our students then had a chance to jump in and try it for themselves.  With some assistance from the visiting students, they were able to do some basic tricks.  They were so excited and engaged that they were even willing to give up their recess!  Great job fifth graders!