Visiting With Kumu Hālani

The photos below show a little about our recent Wednesday experience with Kumu Hālani. Ask your keiki to share with you what they learned that afternoon. Questions/statements to spark a conversation could sound like this…

“What is Kumu Hālani saying in this snapshot?”
“Tell me what you learned…”
“What do you remember from this picture?”
“What should I know about this picture?”

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4 Responses to Visiting With Kumu Hālani

  1. Ponoolino says:

    Aloha I liked that we are gaining knowledge from Kumu halani with her story’s of peel.

  2. Ponoolino says:

    Aloha thank you Kumu Halani for giving us knowledge of Pele and her family.

  3. Jaymie says:

    Thank you for teaching us about pele and hi`iaka and how it’s
    related to the rainforest.

  4. Zleinya says:

    This is when Kumu Halani taught us about pele when she saw a dream and it was about her seeing a handsome Kāne.

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