Flexible Grouping

In math the students were regrouped and started working with their assigned math teacher on October 12th.  A letter was sent home with the students to let you know who their current math teacher is.  Both classes are working on the following math concepts from now until the end of the trimester:

  • Subtraction (IXL Math:  D.1-D.9)
  • Tables and Graphs  (IXL Math: P.1-P.11)
  • Time (IXL Math O.1-O.9)
  • Money (IXL Math:  N.1-N.7, L.2)
  • Problem Solving (M.1-M.9)

Next to each concept above you will see the IXL problems that can be worked on for extra practice.  Students should work on these whenever time permits.  The more they practice, the better mathematicians they will be!

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