Running Program

Running /Biking Program

The “running / biking program” at the middle school is considered an integral part of the physical education class. The students will run / bike every class period, and will have a graded run once a week assessed using Polar Heart Rate Monitors when available. They are advised to stretch lightly prior to the run and at completion of the run.  They are encouraged to improve their “PR’s”, personal records each time they run / bike. When available students will be using new technology (Polar Heart Rate Monitors) that let the instructor be aware of the student’s heart rate during the run.  At the beginning of the year we will calculate the individualized heart rate zone for each student.  However due to only having 27 heart rate monitors a common zone for this age range of 160-180 beats per minute (bpm) will be used to assess all students.  The Polar system will then keep track of the student’s heart rate during the course of exercise.  At the completion of exercise the student will check in with the teacher and record their time as well as the percentage of time that the student was exercising within their zone, each run will be worth 100 participation points.  The percentage of time in zone will then be calculated as the student’s grade for that day’s activity. For instance, if the student is in their personal zone for 80% of the exercise time then they will receive 80% as their grade for the run.  If the student is not comfortable with his/her lowered grade they have the chance to complete a makeup to earn a higher percentage, however they must take the initiative to schedule a re run. When Polar Heart Rate Monitors are not available the student is required to be within 1 minute of their best time to earn full credit.   For every 15 second increment over 1 minute the student will be assessed a 10 point penalty.  Further, detailed instruction on the use of the HRMs will be done as we start our running program.  Also, instructional posters will be available for student use.  Students will operate their watches during their run, as such if there is a malfunction (heart rate not recorded, watch not started), students will be required to either re start the run or do a make up run.


The intent of the running / biking program is to prepare students for the high school running program by increasing their physical and mental strength. It is also intended to help them realize their full potential.  Sixth grade maximum distance will be 2 miles, seventh grade maximum distance will be 2.5 miles while eighth grade maximum distance will be 3 miles in preparation for our middle school culminating physical education event. Students are expected to be within their heart rate zone and stay consistent with their times every time they run.


As you get older you are expected to do better, or at least stay consistent, even if you have to work harder.  It is our goal to increase your fitness/cardiovascular health level, then to strive to continue to improve upon it.  Growing up should not and will not be an excuse for less effort, or inconsistent times.


Make Ups/ Re-Runs

If you are hurt/ill don’t try to run, it will hurt your grade by lowering your times.  Make sure you have a written excuse from your parents or Doctor. GET BETTER AND MAKE IT UP!  Remember it is your responsibility to schedule make ups. Run grades are entered weekly so there is no surprise.

Clinton Alexander

Clinton Alexander

KS-Hawaii Kula Waena

La’amea Gym


7th and 8th grade Boys Physical Education and Health



The Physical Education Program involves the development of lifestyle patterns that enhance the health and physical fitness of the body. It is through a Healthy and Physically fit body that the mind can function at it’s peak and the spirit can have freedom to direct the whole person to be an effective, functioning member of our society.


Students are introduced to the fundamentals of team and individual sports, which include skills, rules, and game strategy and physical fitness.


Course Goals

  1. To create Ke Ala Pono: to become a good and industrious person by developing my spirit, mind and body by using my talents and abilities to make the world a better place, following the wishes of Ke Alii Bernice Pauahi Bishop.


  1. To develop a basic knowledge of skills, personal hygiene, sportsmanship and leadership.


  1. To instill growth through interaction with others in competitive and recreational situations.


  1. To instill an attitude of worthy use of leisure time through activity at school, home, and in the community.