Kaluaikoolau v. Romeo & Juliet

Discuss any thematic connections between Kaluaikoolau and Romeo & Juliet (examples: Love, obligation to family, Destiny, separation from loved ones). What similarities and differences do you notice so far?


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  1. kamaha'o shimaoka says:

    The similarities in this story so far are mainly associated with separation from loved ones. Ko’olau could be Romeo and the rest of his family Juliet and the Government could be considered like the fathers of the families. However, in this story they are not separated until Ko’olau.

  2. Lilia Chan says:

    I’ve noticed that in both Romeo and Juliet and Kaluaikoolau the lovers had to overcome obstacles that try to separate them. Romeo and Juliet had their family feud that subjected them to separation. However, they overcame that, even though it was by suicide. In Kaluaikoolau, leprosy and the government’s persistence in taking away Koolau made Koolau and Piilani’s relationship stronger because they wouldn’t let the government separate them. In both stories the lovers vowed that ‘only till death do us part.’

    • Lehua Matsumoto says:

      You said that both couples had to overcome obstacles, and that Romeo and Juliet overcame theirs with suicide. I’ve realized that Ko’olau and Pi’ilani were both willing to commit suicide to be together as a family. Ko’olau’s plan was that if it ever seemed as though the government was about to separate them or that they’d finally been caught, he would shoot his wife, son, and then himself. To be able to kill yourself (and your family members!) for love is very intense.

  3. Julyen Kaluna says:

    Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is very similar to Piilani’s a Koolau. they are both madly in love and their love is unconditional. Wether sickness or not, they are both very much in love. They don’t care wether what they future is, but all they want is to be together forever, until the end of time. The only difference i see is that romeo and juliet are very young and it may seem as just young love, and piilani and koolau are middle aged. They have a son, and they are just totally in love. Nothing will break them apart, and nothing will stop them from being together. Just like romeo and julie

    • Lilia Chan says:

      I agree that Koolau and Piilani’s relationship seems stronger and frankly more real. They are adults who have gotten married for awhile and they also have a son. The devotion and loyalty they show towards each other, I think, surpasses anything that Romeo and Juliet had.

  4. Lahela Paresa says:

    The similarities that I see is the relationship between the two couples. Romeo and Juliet were close in their relationship that they could talk to each other about anything and loved each other through their separation but fought to stay together. Piilani and Koolau kind of had the same thing. When they were told that they couldn’t stay together as a family they retaliated and tried to fight to be together. They weren’t going to stop because they loved each other.

  5. Tiere Kaitoku says:

    I feel that there is a connection between these two stories because of the separation of loved ones. In Romeo and Juliet, these star crossed lovers were to be separated because of a family feud in which was so old no one knew the meaning of it. They were separated and never knew when or how they would see each other again. In Kaluaikoolau, the family was to be separated not by a family feud, but because of a deadly disease. In both of these situations the one thing that holds them together is LOVE. The love between Romeo and Juliet is so strong that there is nothing to keep them apart. The love of the family in Kaluaikoolau is so strong that they know for themselves that it will be okay, and nothing can keep them apart.

  6. Spencer Duvauchelle says:

    Between “Romeo and Juliet” and “Kaluakoolau” there were many differences and similarities in both stories. Romeo and Juliet had something in common with Kaluakoolau, both had a kind of banishment. Romeo was banished from the city while Kaluakoolau needed to go to Molokai. They were similar with the stories of love and never able to say goodbye to each other. “Kaluakoolau” and “Romeo and Juliet” were different because they took place in two different settings. Kaluakoolau shows the defying of the law. Romeo and Juliet showed the defying of the government by having Love be stronger than the banishment that Romeo had to go through

  7. Cypress Andaya says:

    The two are similar because because they are both having to be separated from their loved ones.

  8. So far Kaluaiko’olau and Romeo and Juliet are similar because Leprosy is like the familyʻs trying to separate Romeo and Juliet. The two storyʻs also relate because Ko’olaus family to him is like Juliet to Romeo. Another dramatic connection between the two is that there is a powerful force keeping them from being with each other. Lastly both stories can connect to each other because there are lovers being separated.

  9. Cheyenne JesseKealanahele says:

    The two different stories had many similarities and differences. Both couples have a strong bond and love for each other. They rather die together than be apart. In both stories there’s a banishment for both male characters. Romeo got banished from Verona and Ko‘olau got banished from society to go to Moloka‘i. Though in Romeo and Juliet they got married in less than 24 hours from meeting each other. While Ko‘olau and Pi‘ilani were happily devoted to each other for a while. When Romeo was exiled Juliet didn’t go with him. But when Ko‘olau was on the run his wife and child were with him the entire way.

  10. Taylor Niimoto says:

    After reading through Romeo and Juliet and beginning Kaluaiko`olau there are many thematic connections that apply to them both. For example, in both stories we see a powerful force that is keeping people from being together. A difference we find in this is that the Capulets and Montagues were unknowingly keeping them apart, yet the Government in Kaluaiko`olua is forcefully trying to separate Ko`olau from his family. Another connection is that both parties take dramatic actions when faced with a threat to be separated. The biggest difference between these two stories is the idea of family obligation. In Romeo and Juliet this obligation to family is the very thing that is keeping them apart, yet is Kaluaiko`olau it is the reason why they are still together.

  11. Ashley Kekona says:

    One similarity I noticed between Romeo and Juliet and Kaluaikoolau, is the love, trust, and destiny of Romeo, Juliet, Koolau, and Piilani. Piilani was like Juliet, in that they both trusted their husbands and kind of left their lives in the hands of their husbands. No matter what happened, Juliet and Piilani trusted and stayed loyal to Romeo and Koolau. Also, the two stories are similar because in both, the husband (Romeo and Koolau), have to be separated from their wives (Juliet and Piilani), and are both being chased by the government. In both stories it was the husband that had to be sent away, not the wife, but the difference is that Piilani chose to go with Koolau, and stay by his side until the end, no matter what happened. But in Romeo and Juliet, Juliet didn’t go with Romeo

  12. Sam Moikeha says:

    Some similarities that i noticed between the 2 stories are the trust and love and the death of Romeo and Ko’olau. Romeo and Ko’olau both died believing in God. The things that are different in the stories is the setting and that Romeo and Juliet got separated and Ko’olau and Pi’ilani did not.

  13. Sam Moikeha says:

    Some similarities that i noticed between the 2 stories are the trust and love and the death of Romeo and Ko’olau. Romeo and Ko’olau both died believing in God. The things that are different in the stories is the setting and that Romeo and Juliet got separated and Ko’olau and Pi’ilani did not. 😛

  14. pono fuji says:

    I think that the love of Romeo and Juliet is very similar to the love of Koʻolau and Piʻilani. They two coupes are madly in love and they wont let anything split them up. even through the roughest of times. also they are willing to die for each other. like how romeo and Juliet did in the end, and also how Koʻolau and Piʻilani are willing to die.

  15. Lance Ontai says:

    These two stories are almost completely parallel when it comes to separation from loved ones. In Kaluaikoolau, koolau would have to leave his wife. In Romeo and Juliet, they couldnt see each other very often. Both stories have this situation.

    • Maile Butler says:

      But just remember that the situations were not caused by relative conflicts. One dealed with the a deadly disease (leprosy), and the other dealed with the negative relationships between each of their families. (rivalries)

    • Kaipoauikekai Pennington says:

      I agree with Lance. These two stories are very close in plot. Two lovers divided by something that they canʻt control.

  16. Kaai Conradt says:

    I feel that Romeo and Juliet and Kaluaikoolau have a bunch of similarities and differences. The main similarity is that these two stories have a man that canʻt live without his lady. Romeo couldnt live without Juliet and Kaluaikoolau canʻt live without Piʻilani. The difference is that Romeo brought all of this onto himself and Kaluaikoolau was diagnosed with this medical condition that was brought unto him

  17. Fahren Glackin says:

    I think both stories are smiliar because Romeo and Juliet both encounters problems because of their parents, as for Kaluaikoolau and Piʻilani, the encounter problems because of the sickness that Kaluaikoolau has. The government tries to take Kalua away from Piʻilani. In Romeo and Juliet, they die together, and in Kaluaikoolau they are both willing to die together because they believe in “til death do us part”

  18. Kekoa Moriwaki says:

    Kulaikoolau is almost the same as Romeo and Juliet in that they are two loved ones that are faced with a big problem. That problem is leprosy for Koolau and the problem for Romeo and Juliet is family. Another thing that is the same is that both Romeo and Koolau give themselves up to God/gods/faith during the story. A difference is that Romeo and Juliet get separated, but Koolau and Piilani were never drawn apart. I feel that if Koolau were to get dragged to Kalalau, he would have acted the same way as Romeo.

  19. Joy Kealoha says:

    Ko’olau is very similar to Romeo & Juliet. Ko’olau does everything he can just so he can be with his wife, Pi’ilani, while Romeo and Juliet are doing all that they can do so that they can stay with each other as well. The difference is that Ko’olau is hiding from people who is trying to kill him for not going to Kalawao, while Romeo and Juliet are trying to hide their love for each other so that their families don’t kill each other.

  20. Heidi Ahn says:

    A thematic connection between Kaluaikoolua and Romeo & Juliet is the separation from loved ones. In the story Romeo & Juliet both were living to die for each other and leave everyone behind family and friends. The same situation happened to Koolau and his wife Piilani. (Romeo & Juliet were also married). It was shown from the text that Piilani was sad about leaving her family/friends behind, but she put those feelings aside because she loved Koolau and was bound to him by marriage. When faced with the plan of leaving everyone she knew behind her in Verona, Juliet was willing, because she like Piilani loved Romeo. They both loved their husbands that they believed the only happiness needed in life is to be together, husband and wife. A difference I noticed between Kaluaikoolau and Romeo & Juliet of being separated from loved ones is that Piilani and Koolau were forced to be separated from loved ones, while Romeo and Juliet would have done that of choice.

    • Maile Spenser says:

      Similar to this, in both stories the main characters were willing to die for each other. Koolau was willing to shoot his wife and kid, and vice versa, they were willing to let Koolau shoot them, so that they could all be together. In Romeo and Juliet, they were both willing to die for each other and in the end, it was shown. When Romeo saw that Juliet was “dead,” he poisoned himself, because he truly loved her. After seeing Romeo dead, Juliet stabbed herself. Both stories involved true love. It seems that love is a game, playing tricks on boys and girls. Love is a powerful thing.

  21. Lehua Matsumoto says:

    There are many thematic connects between Kaluaikoolau and Romeo & Juliet. Some of the similarities is that Piilani loves Koolau very much, similar to Juliet’s love for Romeo. The love is unconditional and no matter what, they still love each other and would still die for each other (with Romeo and Juliet the obstacle is their families, Koolau and Piilani have leprosy in the way, but both couples still love each other dearly). The main difference in the stories is the type of obstacle (leprosy vs. family business) and the setting (Hawaii vs. Verona).

    • Maile Spenser says:

      I agree with Lehua, there are so many thematic connections between Kaluaikoolau and Romeo and Juliet, one of them being that their love was unconditional. Romeo and Juliet only knew each other for a day and they were already willing to die for each other. Both stories are tragedies in that family members are lost. There is just so much fighting. In both stories the men turned their lives over to fate.

  22. Kainani Kam says:

    I think that the story of Koolau is very similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet. In both stories they show that their love for each other is unconditional and they would not want to be separated, and they show that their is a same approach to God. For instance in Koolau’s story, Koolau made a rational decision to go against the government in order to be with his wife and child. While as in the story of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo went against his parents by marring their enemy and also he had went against the law of Prince by staying in Verona, just to be with Juliet. Also they look a pond God for answers and guidance and let Him choice their fate for He knows best. Both Koolau and Romeo looked at death in kind of the same perspective, that if they were not to be with their beloved they have broken their promise they made to God. Summing up this is why i think the story of Koolau and Romeo and Juliet is very similar.

  23. Punahele Basso says:

    The similarities that I’ve noticed in these two stories is that both Romeo and Kaluaikoolau put their lives in the Lord and they both trust him greatly. Also, they both strongly believe that Lord is going to put them on the path they’re supposed to be on. Another thing is that both Romeo and Kaluaikoolau love their wives dearly. They’d literally take their lives for them, and their wives love them dearly too. They’d do anything for him no matter what. The differences that I’ve noticed is that in Romeo and Juliet, the separation is between them two, and then in the end they’re separated from their families because they killed themselves. Then in Kaluaikoolau, the separation is between loved ones because of the disease Kaluikoolau had, and in the end he’s separated from Piilani because he died from the disease he had.

  24. Mahonri Latu says:

    Both of Kaluaikoʻolau and Romeo and Juliet are similar with their relationships because they both have someone trying to split them. In Romeo and Juliet all of the family and friends tried splitting them apart. For Koʻolau’s story they had the PGs trying to divide Koʻolau from his family, but the Provisional Government wasn’t able to take Koʻolau even with all their soldiers sent. The difference between the two stories was that Koʻolau’s union with Piʻilani were real and they had a son. Where Romeo and Juliet didn’t have a son, were younger, and committed suicide ending their lives.

    • Kaipoauikekai Pennington says:

      I agree with Mahonri because the lovers were divided by something in which they cannot control themselves. So they took the matter into their own hands by running away from it all and leaving their past behind them.

  25. Aaron Ogawa says:

    I noticed a lot of similarities between the these two stories. In Kaluaikoolau there is this desperation and iron will. If their family cannot be together, then they are willing to die. They would be a better place than if they were alive and seperated. Ko’olau says that he would shoot his wife and kid first, an then himself. This is the sort of desperation that was displayed in Romeo & Juliet. If one of us dies, we all die. When he saw Juliet “dead” he couldn’t bare the thought of her not being in his life so he killed himself. After he dies from the poison, Juliet kills herself when she find out romeo has committed suicide.

  26. Maile Butler says:

    The connection between these two stories is of the separation of families and loved ones. During Romeo and Juliet, the lovers were separated by their parents and their family feud. During Kaluaikoolau, the family was separated because of a deadly disease of leprosy. But around the middle of each stories, they all stayed strong and stuck together with the help of love. Romeo and Juliet was madly in love and nothing would keep them apart, besides death apparently. Kaluaikoolau’s family looked out for one another, respected each other, and did everything that they could possibly do for one another. They always try to try positive and they knew that whatever would have happened to them, they would always be together from the beginning to end.

    • Taylor Casaquit-Estacion says:

      I agree with how Maile compared each story by separation. This is because each of the two stories consists of some type of separation, whether it be death or being taken away. Koolau and his family would have been separated because of leprosy, but their love as a family was to strong. And Romeo and Juliet’s love did keep them together through the family feud. This was a really good comparision!

  27. Taylor Casaquit-Estacion says:

    Between Kaluaikoolau and Romeo & Juliet, there are many thematic connects. One of them is how Koolau and Piilani love each other. This can be compared to Romeo and Juliet’s unconditional love for each other. All of these characters show faith and commitment in each relationship. Their love is so strong, that they would consider dying for each other instead of being separated. For Romeo and Juliet, their obstacle was their own family and as for Koolau and Piilani, their obstacle was leprosy. The difference is in how the stories are told and what conflict the characters come upon.

  28. Taylin Perreira says:

    The love that Romeo and Juliet shared is very similar to the love that Koolau and Piilani shared. In Romeo & Juliet they were willing to die than be separated. In Kaluaikoolau, Koolau and Piilani were also willing to die than be separated. The difference in this story was their reason why they had to separate. Romeo and Juliet couldnʻt be together because of a family feud, and Koolau and Piilani couldnʻt be together because of a disease (leprosy). Both their decisions were based on their love for each other. And both take the words, “Till death do us part” very seriously.

    • Hi`ilei Coelho says:

      I agree with you Taylin. I like how you explained the differences, but used it as a similarity too at the same time. You explained it very clearly.

  29. Cherise Spotkaeff says:

    A similarity I noticed was their view on death. In both Romeo and Juliet and Kaluaikoolau, they both aren’t afraid to die. They have each other’s love and that’s all they need. However when one departs this life time, it depends on the person who lot their significant other to make a decision on what they’re going to do. Romeo decided to kill himself to be with Juliet (and vice versa) and Piilani listened to her husband and just continued on.

  30. Teighlor Nakagawa says:

    Some similarities that I noticed was that both Romeo and Ko’olau put their lives in the hands of God. They both weren’t afraid of dying because they knew that it was inevitable. Another thing is how they both loved their significant other unconditionally.

    • Kaitlin A. says:

      I agree with Teighlor, that both Romeo and Kaluaikoolau put their lives in the hands of God because they couldn’t control there fate. They let destiny or who ever else lead there path.

  31. Chania Caouette says:

    Kaluaikoolau is very similar to Romeo and Juliet in a romantic sense. Piilani and Koolau had to risk their lives to be with each other, as did Romeo and Juliet. In Kaluaikoolau, he had to leave because of his leprosy. In Romeo and Juliet, he was banished from Verona. In both books, their wives stayed with them through it all.

  32. Hi`ilei Coelho says:

    One thematic connection between Ko’olau and Romeo and Juliet is obviously the separation of loved ones. Ko’olau would have to leave his family and isolate himself due to leprosy, and Romeo and Juliet were separated because Romeo was banished and their families didnt get along. Thats one similarity. Another is their love. Between both books, the love they have for each other is very strong. They wouldnt let anything get between them and theyd do all they could for one another. Both couples were willing to die for each other if thats what it had to come down to.

  33. Kaitlin A. says:

    Thematic connections between Kaluaikoolau and Romeo and Juliet is in both stories, after something bad happens to Kaluaiko‘olau and Romeo, they allow destiny to lead their lives. They both have an “it is what it is” attitude. Also another thematic connection is love. Kaluaikoolau loved Piilani just like Romeo loved Juliet. Pi‘ilani was willing to give up her life and friends to care for and follow Kaluaikoolau. Just like Romeo was willing to do anything for Juliet.

  34. Keanu Bingo Prd. 8 says:

    Both stories have a lot in common because they both love each other a lot just like Romeo and Juliet. Also the separation from their loved ones cause of due to leprosy and R&J had got separated cause of their families. Both couples died for each other and so did Ko’olau and Romeo they died for their girl. They just wanted to have a happy life.

  35. Ryan Stack says:

    It is evident throughout this book that it is very much related to Romeo and Juliet. Both couples are in love and face different obstacles that could result in them being separated from their families. But both Romeo and Koolau show alot of trust in fate and God. They both sort of give up their and say whatever happens I’ll just deal with it. Both stories show how love can really change and influence someones decision making and what goes on in their mind as it turned both of them into killers.

  36. Dakota Meleisea says:

    One similarity between Kaluikoolau and Romeo & Juliet is that both couples do not want to be separated from each other and stay faithful and true to each other. I also notice that Romeo and Koolau shows a strong bond with God.

  37. Kaimi Pupuhi says:

    Throughout both books they show a lot of similarities and differences, one similarity is that both Ko’olau and Romeo say that everything is in the hands of the Lord. Everything is all up to what God wants. One difference is that Ko’olau and Pi’ilani are being separated by a disease, and Romeo and Juliet are being separated because they have different last names. But there is a similarity in that since both couples are being seperated.

  38. Keola Pascua says:

    Kaluaikoolau and Romeo & Juliet are similar because both Koolau and Romeo have very very strong relationships with their lover and would both die for/with their lover. A difference between the two books is that Koolau completely surrenders himself to God, but Romeo completely surrenders himself to Faith/Destiny.

  39. Caleb Armacost says:

    Kaluaikoolau and Rome and Juliet are two very similar stories. Both had two lovers that could not be separated. But both faced hardships that threatened to break them apart. For Romeo and Juliet it was the conflict between the two rival families. For Kaluaikoolau it was the fact that Koolau and his son had leprosy so they would have to be separated from one another. The thing is that Romeo and Juliet were apart for a short while but Kaluaikoolau was with Piilani always. In both stories they would die for each other so that they could still be together. In Romeo and Juliet both of them die but in Kaluaikoolau only him and his son die, Piilani survives (but doesnt kill herself like Juliet). In both stories they put themselves up to destiny or lived by faith. In either case they were giving themselves up to something beyond them something they couldn’t control and they would just go with it and hope they would be alright.

  40. Evan Fernandez says:

    A very easily-identified connection, which we had discussed before, is “faith”, and how both Romeo and Koolau give up themselves and their negative situations up to a higher power; Koolau’s being God, and Romeo’s being “the stars”. With Koolau’s constant references to God, and Romeo’s constant references to “stars” and “fate”, it shows that they gave control of themselves and of their conflicts away.

  41. kawaiiki Punua says:

    I think that the relations between these to story was their love in both stories their love for each other was both strong and they would both rely on partner that was with them. i think that this was the relation between each of the stories.

  42. Travis Duran says:

    These two stories are very similar, but they do have there differences. Some similarities between the books is that they both have the same conflict, both stories involve two lovers who just want to be together but because of people who “control” them are trying to separate the lovers.

  43. Nainoa Mielke says:

    Between the two stories there is a couple of things that they both have in common. One thing the two stories have is that basically both families were banished from there living area. Another thing that the two stories have in common is that the main characters, put their trust in a higher power ( GOD) and they follow everything they think that is right.

  44. Kamakana Chu says:

    Between Kaluaikoolau and Romeo & Juliet there were some thematic connections. One thematic connection that I think is the most important for both stories is LOVE. Love was displayed in Kaluaikoolau when Piilani chose to journey with her beloved husband and son. Love was displayed in Romeo & Juliet, basically, throughout the whole story. Whether it was love shown between Romeo and Juliet, or Lord and Lady Montague/Capulet and their child Romeo/Juliet, love was always in the air. Without love, I think, a person will live a depressive, horrible, and lonely life.

  45. Eric Sniffen says:

    Between Kaluaikoolau and Romeo and Juliet there were a lot of connections. Connections such as like they both got banished. And both Kaluaikoolau and Romeo got banished from the government. The difference was because of Romeo’s actions and because of Ko’olau’s wellness. Another connection was that both families were deeply in love and could not be separated! Thats TRUE LOVE!

    • cascanla says:

      “The difference was because of Romeo’s actions and because of Ko’olau’s wellness.”

      “Another connection was that both families were deeply in love and could not be separated!”

      What do these comments mean? Explain your points.

  46. Koa Lukela says:

    Through my reading I see that there are a lot of obligations to the family taking large risks. Similar to Romeo loving Juliet, Pi’ilani refuses to leave Ko’olau’s side. There are also large similarities in how they believe that a higher authority will decide their faith. (Religion) A big similarity was how both Ko’olau and Romeo were not welcome in their natural homes. They were both on the run and were trying to stay alive.

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