Book-It for Grades 2-3

Aloha e na haumāna,

This year we will begin using points to see if you have earned a book-it certificate. You will need to log in to and see what books have quizzes. Write down the title of the book and borrow it from any library. Then come back to to take the quiz. You must have 90% to pass the quiz. Each quiz will ask 5 questions about the book, and you will earn points for prizes. The more points you have the better. I will check your progress at the end of the month to see if you deserve a book-it certificate. Happy reading!

Mahalo, Mrs. Redona

6 thoughts on “Book-It for Grades 2-3

  1. I read the book Worlds Worst Monsters and Villains. It has super weird creatures like a Nukaluvee who has no skin and only one eye. I would recommend this book to other kids my age.

  2. The book was really funny. Harold put a fake poop under the diaper man and he got distracted and Captain Underpants defeated him.

  3. Mrs. Redona U R Da bomb diggity .Thank you for all your help, support and loving us .
    Love Mehana

    P.s I am Mehana Kapoi and I doen’t know ,my Email so its on JaedensThe coment is also mine
    If you don’t mind !

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