We have a Twitter account and an Instagram account!  The kids are already taking ownership of their learning in technology and sharing globally in an online environment.  Both of our account names are @thegalanggang.  In the sidebar of this blog, you can visit both of our social media accounts.

Students know the basics about Twitter:
-Tweets are your posts, what you have to say to people
-Handle is your username
-Hashtags help us group posts about the same topic
-Followers are people who are interested in what you have to say

Students write out tweets on our analog Twitter board in the classroom and email me anything they want to share on Instagram.  This extra step is a way to filter and authentically teach digital citizenship.  Each class has their own hashtag.  Some other hashtags we like to use are #ksmakers, #ksedtech, #kshawaii, and #imuakamehameha.

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