1st Grade

Written by 1A (scribed by Miss Galang):

Today we did a Google Hangout with Miss Stasiak’s class in Michigan.  We got to share a lot and we got to learn a lot.  We are wondering a lot and are excited to talk to them again.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.48.42 AM

What we knew:

  • They were in Michigan.  The one we found on Google Earth.

What we learned:

  • They taught us about a hand hug
  • They watched the Super Bowl
  • They like to code like us!
  • They have 6 ipads
  • They do Color Alive too!
  • They do GoNoodle.  That’s what we use to Zumba.
  • They did the whip and nae nae for us
  • They have mushroom stools but they call them something different.  They are Hokki stools and they have blue like us but they have a green one too.
  • They were not wearing uniforms
  • I think they were wearing long sleeves because it’s cold

What we are wondering:

  • Can we share Mauna Kea with them if we write about it on our Kidblogs?
  • When will they read our blogs?
  • What is Miss Stasiak’s first name?
  • We are wondering about the lakes (The Great Lakes)
  • Can we see their classroom and outside?
  • Do they do Write About This app?
  • I wonder if they will learn stuff we taught to them like looking for us on Google Earth
  • Do they do Minecraft?
  • Do they use computers?
  • Do they like to play with legos?
  • We should show them out lego stop motion videos!
  • Do they have Chatterpix?
  • What apps do they like?
  • Do they do IXL math?
  • Do they know Explain Everything?
  • What do they learn in science?
  • What is their favorite thing to read and do they go to library?
  • What are all their specials?
  • Do they have art?


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