Malama Honua & Stella

Last week Thursday we were treated to a wonderful performance by our talented 5th graders.  Today we read a book titled Stella Writes an Opinion.

Use what you learned from Stella to come up with an opinion about the 5th grade play.  Remember to support your opinion with evidence from the play.  Re-read your answer aloud to a friend so you can self edit your work before publishing your comments.

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Polynesian Cultural Center

Today we spent a rainy day at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Please share what you learned.  Be sure to identify which culture your facts came from.  We visited three villages:  Samoa, Fiji, and Hawai’i.  We also watched an IMAX movie.

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Charles Reed Bishop

Today we read a little more about Charles Reed Bishop’s early life.

Share a bit of information about his parents.

What three adjectives would you use to describe Charles Reed Bishop.

Give an example (evidence) from the text that supports your reasons for selecting those 3 adjectives.

Read your responses to these questions aloud to 2 friends.  Edit together before submitting your work.

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The Sneetches

Today we read The Sneetches.  What was this book about?

How did the story end?

What is the big idea of this story?

What evidence can you find in the text supports your big idea?

Tell me about a personal connection you have to the big idea of this book.

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Bernice Pauahi Bishop Part 1

Today we started reading about Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Tell us a little bit about her family members and her early years.  Feel free to share any opinions you have about today’s reading.

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The Plan

This morning we read the chapter titled The Plan.  What did the Queen, the two military men, and the BFG decide to do to stop the 9 giants?

In your answer be sure to explain how these things were part of the plan: Land of Noddy, two wrongs don’t make a right, two blank pages on the map, bellyhoppers (helicopters)

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The Queen

Today we were introduced to the Queen.  What was her reaction when she saw Sophie and the BFG?

What do you know about the Queen’s identity?

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School resumes on August 11, 2014


Hope you enjoyed your summer vacation.  I look forward to meeting you on Monday, August 11, 2014!


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