SOL Day 27: The Excitement Mounts (Part 2)

Today was my daughter’s first basketball game of the season.  And, as I wrote yesterday, I promised that I would cheer loud and clear for her and her team.  It turns out, they would need all the help they could get.

Even before the game started, you could tell we would need the help.  Our sea of 4 bright green jerseys was swallowed by the other team’s sea of 10 gray jerseys.  We did not have enough players to play the game.  My daughter was so excited to play that I didn’t want her hopes dashed simply because 4 out of her 10 teammates showed up (to be fair, it is Spring Break and some families may be traveling).  It turns out her hopes wouldn’t be because one girl from the other team graciously offered to play with our team as the 5th player.  I was then worried that since there were only 5 girls, they would need to play the entire game and therefore, be extremely tired.  Though they were tired, it turned out to be a really great first game.

Our family made up about 1/3 of the spectators that came to the game today.  I was so grateful that my sister, who is visiting from San Diego with her daughter, got to watch my daughter play today.  I was hoping that with the extra family in the audience, my daughter would do her best and give us all a reason to cheer (not that I needed one).

Ultimately, she did great.  She scored 6 baskets and had some really awesome assists.  Her defense could have been better, but for a shy girl who is learning how to be aggressive, I was still so very proud of her.  We all cheered as loud as we could for her and the rest of her team.

They lost by 6 points, but when we reached the car, she was grinning from ear to ear.  “Mom!” she yelled, “I scored 12 points today!  That’s 6 baskets!  That’s more than I’ve ever scored before!”  I was so glad she chose to focus on the good today rather than all that  went wrong.  She set a great example for others who attended the game as well.  And that made me even more proud.

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4 Responses to SOL Day 27: The Excitement Mounts (Part 2)

  1. Vanessa Worrell says:

    I agree with you, how great that at the end of the game she chose to be happy and excited about the positives of the game. What a great example by the girl from the opposite team that chose to help her team out so that they could play. Sounds like a great way to start the season!

  2. arjeha says:

    Congratulations to your daughter. She has every reason to be proud as you do in her. Hope she has a fantastic season.

  3. I taught horseback riding for years, great fun but can be destructively competitive, which can eat away at the joy. You and your daughter have balance and perspective. Says a lot about both of you.

    Bravo to the girl from the other team who volunteered to play with your daughter’s team. Says a lot about her and her mother too.

  4. Katie Gordon says:

    Sounds like your daughter has a sunny outlook! Enjoy all the games with their celebrations and even the small heartbreaks. It’s amazing to experience them together with your children. And surprisingly, they sometimes have a clearer perspective on it, like when my younger son said, “Mom, what’s the point of making the A team if my friends aren’t there. We decided to help each other look good. So now we all have the same chance.” Though there will be other times when she looks to you for that sage advice…or just a hug. Enjoy it all.

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