SOL Day 12: Feels like Christmas!

They say you can only write as well as you read…which may be where I find my love for writing.  I didn’t always love writing.  I wasn’t even very sure I was good at it.  But I’ve always loved to read.  I’m pretty sure my near-sightedness and the fact that I had coke-bottle lenses in 2nd grade is due to the fact that my nose was ALWAYS buried in a book (especially since no other person in my family wears glasses).  Most of my memories from elementary school involved a book, usually the Baby Sitter’s Club, my most favorite series to read.  That love for reading has never gone away.

I subscribe to an email service called Wowbrary that sends information out about the latest books, movies and music.  Every week when I receive the email, I get excited about browsing through the descriptions of the various media available at my library, more so because most times, I know I can request a book right away and be one of the first to read it.  Which is important because, especially in the case of very popular books, the wait list for books can sometimes be upwards of 20 people (for the record, the highest I’ve ever been on a request list is 51).  So I’ll request a book I’m interested in and then play the waiting game.

Saturdays are usually library days in our family.  Most of the time, I am just going in to pick up books that I’ve requested and are on hold for me while I take my kids to browse the children’s section in the library.  But let me tell you – going to the library, for me, is like experiencing Christmas.  In a previous post, I wrote about how I have just gotten into listening to audiobooks and how much I enjoy it.  But there is just no greater feeling than holding a hardcover book while caressing the thick pages between your fingers.

Before I even walk in, there’s a tingle of excitement in my stomach.  I can’t wait to get inside.  Once inside, I love the smell.  The library closest to our home is still relatively new, so there’s a mix of newness with a light musty smell that some of the older books seem to have.  As my daughter and I browse the juvenile series section, I run my fingers along the spines of the books.  I tilt my head to read the titles, looking for those fairy books that my daughter loves so much.  Once she finds her books, I leave her be and browse other sections, knowing that sometimes, it just feels good to be alone with the books and take your time perusing the cover and back of the book to determine if it’s one worthy of your time.  Once she grabbed her 5 favorites (thank goodness at least one of my kids took after me and my love of reading), we headed to the checkout section where my treasures are waiting for me.  And this is where the excitement begins to bubble over.

Most times, the wait for the “on-hold” books is so long, I can’t remember which ones I requested.  So when the librarian heads to the long row of bookshelves behind the counter to retrieve my treasures, I am eagerly waiting in anticipation to find out which jackpot I hit today.  Today was just that: a gold mine!  I had 4 large books waiting for me, 2 of which I had been waiting forever to get my hands on!  I turned to my daughter and excitedly said, “This is just like Christmas!”  She looked puzzled and said, “Why?”  “Because it’s like getting exactly what you want and better yet, it’s FREE!”  I said.  She smiled and said, “I totally get it, mom.”

Today’s Christmas gifts.  I love when my nightstand looks like this:

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11 Responses to SOL Day 12: Feels like Christmas!

  1. Shawnda says:

    I totally get it, too! When I was a kid, we would go to an amazing book store in downtown Denver about once a year called Tattered Covers. It is the largest book store I’ve ever been in (4 spacious stories) and I was totally in heaven passing the whole day there. I definitely bought a few Babysitter’s Club books there 🙂

  2. The anticipation and the unknown treasure you will uncover are part of the great adventure. Even if I go for a purpose I seem to always end up finding something additional. Enjoy your latest treasures!

  3. Fran Haley says:

    I can so relate to this. As a child when I stayed with my grandmother in the summer, one of the first things we did was go to the tiny town library where I could check out books – stacks of them more than I could carry by myself. Like Christmas, indeed – the reading joy was, and is, unparalleled!

  4. Lorie Barber says:

    This is SO true! Your exuberance and joy for reading shine through in this post!! What a lovely read.

  5. Rose says:

    Your post, especially the description of the smell, took me right back to my childhood library. I remember that I loved the special pencil that the librarian used with the date stamp (instead of an eraser) on one end. She would write my name, then turn it over and stamp the date. OK, I can understand if you are confused. This check-out method was probably way before your time!

  6. arjeha says:

    There is something so special about libraries. Although I do enjoy my Kindle and have many books stored on it I, too, love the feel of a book in my hands.

  7. Mary Ann Reilly says:

    I love this post! You reminded me of the many trips to the library I would take with my mom. I want to read all the books on your nightstand too. Great titles.

  8. Vanessa Worrell says:

    Now that’s my kind of Christmas. I can relate to that tingle of excitement and wish I could read the whole entire library starting with A.

  9. Glenda Funk says:

    Our local library isn’t very good at keep up on new books, so I just buy the ones I want. Sometimes I can’t remember what I ordered and get a surprise when I open the box. I tend to read based on impulse and think I’d lose interest awaiting titles. I also recently started reading audiobooks, mainly nonfiction, however. I agree about that special experience that comes from holding a good book.

  10. Alice Nine says:

    Love your line “there is just no greater feeling than holding a hardcover book while caressing the thick pages between your fingers.” I also feel that way about pen and paper vs. keyboard. Long live books of with ink on paper pages.

  11. Delila Leber says:

    Lovely post. You really capture the joy of browsing in the library: “I run my fingers along the spines of the books. I tilt my head to read the titles.” Also the smell. As an adult without children, I usually just go to pick up holds but I usually pause for a minute, soaking in the beauty of a place dedicated to reading.

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