Romeo & Juliet: Act II

January 18th, 2013 by Mrs. Tavares

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Act II

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  1. A.Hooper Says:

    Everybody no matter where has a friend. We think of a friend as a person who’s got your back and is always there for you, well let’s just say that my group of friends is the total opposite of the average posses. You see my friends and I love to tease each other whether it’s appearances, emotions, or typical everyday mistakes. We tease each other not out of hatred but out of true friendship because we have a relationship and bond that cannot be broken. Teasing your friends is a way to let out your feelings and emotions knowing that the person knows what you’re going through. Usually a gang or group forms when a group of people notices they share the same interests and have things in common. In the world today there are groups and gangs all over whether it’s in the U.S. and even in Arabia where villages are being attacked by Isis and other upcoming groups who have the same goal, which is to be dominant of the Arabian government. There are also groups of people all over the world standing up for Mauna Kea like in Las Vegas, England, Germany, and Colorado. These are just a few examples of the groups and gangs today in our world. To be honest hatred is a common thing in our world, we see it everywhere on social media, television, newspapers, magazines, etc.. Through all of this hatred can spark love like Romeo and Juliet, who beside their family feud loved each other not because of who their family was but because of their feelings and virtue for each other. There aren’t much real life Romeo and Juliet’s left in the world because love back then was different as love today.

  2. Khaumea Says:

    People will always tease others because thats just human nature. They will still be your friend even if they’re making fun of you. I know someone who acts just like Mercutio, because that person is me. I might make fun of you but I am still your friend. See I don’t say it to be mean, I just say it because I think its funny and really just to irritate you. Well a real life Romeo and Juliet could be a girls father who disapproves of her boyfriend, for reasons untold. Yet they still love each other and see each other behind the fathers back. If you love someone you will always want to be with them even if it means breaking the rules of any kind. Sooner or later the father and the family will realize that they really love each other because they can’t be separated. Too bad it was too late for Romeo and Juliet’s family to realize that.

  3. C.Broad Says:

    Yes, Mercutio does remind me of friends now days when he was teasing him. Everyone teases each other about whom we like, the decisions we make, and also what we do in public. The teasing is usually jokingly but sometimes it can go too far and people can get hurt. When Mercutio is teasing Romeo about his crazy love obsession. But Romeo explains to Mercutio that he cannot talk about something that he has never felt. This type of teasing still goes on today, many people tease each other about the person they like. This even happens at school, but it’s only in a friendly way most people mean nothing by it and the people who its about just take it as a joke because they know that it’s just a joke and that their friends don’t mean anything by it. I think that Romeo never gets mad at Mercutio because they are best friends and that’s what friends do they tease each other. I think that Romeos friends are just like boys and kids now days crashing parties and sneaking around in places that they shouldn’t even be.
    I think that the Montagues and the Capulets got caught up in all the drama a long ago that they probably don’t even remember what it was about. Just like some Hawaiian children now days, they are taught to go against anything and anyone who is haole (foreign). I know that my family does. But my family is part haole, were not 100% Hawaiian were a mixture of just about every ethnicity out there. Just like today with all of this ʻAʻole TMT, I know a lot of people are against it and don’t want it here but having the TMT here on the islands can be a good thing. I really donʻt think that they just donʻt want it here, I think they donʻt want it because it has something to do with a “Haole” perspective, not a Hawaiian perspective. There are also a lot of people who are for the TMT, like me I think that the TMT would really benefit the island of Hawaii, just I think that the TMT should be built on a different part of the island, not the top of the Mauna.

  4. T.Clemons-Kailipaka Says:

    Mercutio does remind me of my friends and a bit about myself too. I too tease my friends with past experiences with a certain someone just for self pleasure (the good kind). It makes me happy when I make my friends lives a little miserable. It’s just for jokes anyway. Most Hawaiians have a chip on their shoulders when it comes to dealing with haoles. Mainly because they invaded our land -making it a part of their nation- and critically shortened the population of pure Hawaiians. Another example of this is the TMT controversy. The native people of this land are trying to protect one of the only things they have left of their deteriorating culture. In conclusion, there is a high chance of a future where groups of Hawaiians will never forgive the haoles for wronging them in the past.

  5. T. Sullivan Says:

    Mercuito’s teasing Romeo definitely reminds me of the way friends tease each other today and I think the extent that the teasing is brought to is based on the strength of the relationship with your friend. If your not that close with somebody then I don’t think that you should tease them because they might take it the wrong way or they might actually think that your bulling them rather then just taking it as a joke. I think teasing your friends just shows your relationship with them and often creates laughter and playfulness in your relationship. Secondly, I do believe that people all over the world has feuds, because in the world as well as just in human nature people have jealousy. For example I think the most popular feud in Hollywood is Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, also, because of jealousy. Also, I do agree that in some ways the groups of teenagers in this play remind me in some ways of the gangs and groups that form today. In school, we like to call them “cliques” or “squads”, meaning a group of friends. I think the people that you hangout with or your “clique” kind of defines who you are as an individual as well. For example, if you hangout with the “jocks” or the “athletes” then people will automatically think you’re athletic. Or if you hangout with the robotics team people will think that you must be really smart. I think the people you hangout with can either have a negative or positive impact on the way that you are viewed in school as well as society.

  6. t.kupahu Says:

    When Romeo was getting teased in act two right after the party by his cousin and friends it reminded me of a group of people that I know and that I see around quite often and when ever one gets in to a relationship they always tease them or spread roomer about them or even if they break up or if their like off and on they tease them and make them feel bad. We have multiple Romeo and Juliet’s in our world like for instants my friends mother did want her dating this boy because she knew his family very well but didn’t like what they did in the past so she didn’t let them date but they still sneak behind her back and hang out with each other.

  7. A.Kahoopii Says:

    I think that this play proves the fact that humans and the way they behave don’y change over time. The ridicule that is subjected to Romeo by his friends and relatives is very reminiscent to what people today experience. I notice that people who are friends are able to poke fun at each other without much consequence, because the people are friends they understand that whatever said is merely jokes and not meant to be taken in a malicious manner. This is no different to today, while the time period changes the people stay more or less the same. One parallel that I can draw from the Montague/Capulet feud is like when sports teams have a bitter rivalry from games that happened many years ago. Not only do these teams “hate” each other, the reason can seem somewhat weird, for instance, “I hate the Green Bay Packers because they beat us in the 1973 Super Bowl!” I do feel that sometimes rivalry can be a good thing and help fuel competition, but other times, like in this Montague/Capulet feud, it is unnecessary and foolish.

  8. KaulanaL Says:

    When Mercutio is making fun of Romeo, jokingly, it reminds me of the way that my friends talk to me or how I talk to my friends. However, when we say these mean things our friends know that we are just joking and don’t actually mean any of the mean things that we say to our friends. If both you and the person understand that its just a joke, you can verbally jab at the person with no consequence. The Capulet and Montague feud reminds me of gaming console wars. One person thinks that another console is superior to the other and they start to argue about it and point out things that would make the other persons opinion feel inferior. But it is very common that both parties are stubborn and wouldn’t switch no matter the reasoning they get. To me, these “wars” are childish, I don’t get why people can’t just use what they want and stop trying to get people to convert to different consoles, as if it were a culture or something.

  9. KaulanaL Says:

    When Mercutio is making fun of Romeo, jokingly, it reminds me of the way that my friends talk to me or how I talk to my friends. However, when we say these mean things our friends know that we are just joking and don’t actually mean any of the mean things that we say to our friends. If both you and the person understand that its just a joke, you can verbally jab at the person with no consequence. The Capulet and Montague feud reminds me of gaming console wars. One person thinks that another console is superior to the other and they start to argue about it and point out things that would make the other persons opinion feel inferior. But it is very common that both parties are stubborn and wouldn’t switch no matter the reasoning they get. To me, these “wars” are childish, I don’t get why people can’t just use what they want and stop trying to get people to convert to different consoles, as if it were a culture or something.

  10. Kailikea Kekuawela Says:

    I think everyone sort of has that human nature desire to be entertained by another’s humiliation. It’s another thing to be that person who is humiliating the other person. We all have that one friend who loves to rub it in to make matters worse. In Romeo’s case, that one friend is Mercutio. In my squad I sometimes like to think of that one person is me. It’s not that i’m trying to be a scrub, I just occasionally find it entertaining to see my friends in great distress, and make things worst by causing even more distress. The feud between Romeo and Juliet’s families seem nothing but silly to me because of what extremes they go to destroy each other. Yet in the story they are unclear to what the reason is for why these two families absolutely hate each other. One thing I could connect this silly feud to is racism between African-Americans, and Caucasians. For decades there has been some tension between these two adversities, and still continues on today. In some cases for no absolute no reason, these two type of people dislike each other because of the color of their skin. In my opinion, the world will never change, and there will forever have hatred between people.

  11. I. Santos Says:

    Teasing your best friend isn’t at all bad, unless you cross the line and then end up fighting. Teasing your closest friend is just a sign of true friendship, trust, and the bond and love you have for one another. Mercutio’s teasing to Romeo is just letting out the emotions that he is feeling towards Romeo. In my situations, teasing my friends is a way of giving them advice in a way. It is also a sign of letting them know that I know what they are going through. There are friends that tease each other a little too much and end up crossing the line. Those situations can be considered to be gangs. In my perspective gangs are just people with common strengths and weaknesses that have each others back. Those are the good gangs out there. The bad gangs are people who have messed up common interests and who like to cause trouble. We have people who love trouble all around the world such as terrorists, or arsonists. Those people love to have conflict in the world.
    Modern day Romeo and Juliets could be considered to be other countries in the world that have differences. The innocent people in those countries could be considered as Romeo and Juliets. Ina smaller picture there might be a couple but both couples parents have differences. The Romeo and Juliets of today might be suffering and have to hide or keep their love or relationship a secret. In my opinion why do they have to keep a love a secret? God gave us free will to love whoever we want to.

  12. K Akui Says:

    I dont think our generation bullys like that. I think theres a line that we know not to cross when joking around. We know when something is to far. i think our generation isnt thse type to corner some one and physically abuse someone. But in correspondence with how Mercutio was just messing around with Romeo, Romeo knew that he was just joking around. So theres nothing to be offended about. I Think thats how it is now to, we will mess around but we know our limits. I think that we do have our groups but we still know and interact with everyone. My friend group doesnt look for trouble. But the seinor group might. I really depends on the people in the group. teres Groups like Smart kids, dumb kids, popular kids and alot more. In Romeo an Juliet they dont really explain what type of groups they have. I just really think that the difference of generations have a huge influence,like how we dont specify what social class we are in.

  13. L.Krueger Says:

    The way Mercutio teases Romeo does remind me of the way friends are to each other today. This shows that no matter the place in time some things will remind the same, like the friendship between people. The way Mercutio tease Romeo actually remind me of the way I’ve seen some people tease their friends. It even reminds me off the way that I act to some of my friend. For example sometimes when my friends like someone I will tease them about it or say or do weird things when my friends is around their crush. Another example is when my friend sis actually in a relationship with someone I will tease they about they significant others sometime. The way some of these groups of teenagers look for trouble does actually remind me of gangs today. Which again shows how some qualities and traits can withstand time. For example gangs members and groups today go around looking for trouble just so they can be in the middle or things. Sometimes just to get attention for others. Just like in the play where some of the characters would go around just making trouble hoping something would start just because they don’t like someone or just because they don’t feel the same way they do. Some gangs today even start things just to “add popularity to them selves which honestly doesn’t make any sense in my head. The way Romeo and Juliet’s family hate each other for no reason or a really good reason reminds me of some things that happen in today’s world. You may not see this type of hate with families now days but you do see this kind of hate between rival companies. For example Coco-cola and Pepsi are rivals because they are both soda companies, so naturally they dislike each other. Some other companies have feuds like chip company and candy companies. No matter what time of the century it is they are just some things that will never change. Even todays you can see some real life Romeos and Juliet’s, some times I see couples whose families hated each other since high school, but they don’t end up dying. Sometimes I see couples around that just end up breaking up because they mom doesn’t like the boy or the other way around. This honestly makes me sad to see something like this, but you know not everyone can have a love like Romeo and Juliet.

  14. K. Ili Says:

    His teasing is like kids today. Itʻs just that now people donʻt take them as seriously because love is much harder to find nowadays. I think that Mercutio is just being a young man and seeing that his best friend says that he has found love, he thinks that is funny because he believes that lvd is something people who are lonely thought up. When you can tease your best friend it shows that you are close to your friend enough for him not to get mad at you. This reminds me of gangs these days because the things they do are the same. Teenagers go to parties to meet up with some friends and maybe find a boy or girl that can maybe become their soulmate. Many kids go through this and some come out finding love and some like Mercutio are just there for the ride. I would say that the closest thing to what is happening to Romeo and Juliet would be if a Christian and an Aethiest loves each other but their families do not approve because of their religion. Things like this should’t stop love. Nothing should stop love because love is the strongest feeling of all. Even fear is conquered by love.

  15. M.Clarke Says:

    Mercutio’s teasing of Romeo really reminds me of the way friends today tease one another. Friendly teasing is something that will probably never go away despite the difference of times. Groups of teenagers remind you in any way of the groups that form today. An example of this is Tybalt. Romeo and Juliet’s families hate each other, for reasons that we aren’t told about. Romeo and Juliet weren’t told exactly why their families hate each other but they do it anyway because that’s how they were raised. Parents raise their children based on what they prefer and Romeo and Juliet’s parents raised them to hate one another.

  16. Keahi Ishibashi Says:

    Situations such as these can most certainly relate to situations in the present. I can easily picture groups of teenagers poking fun at each other as Mercutio and his comrades taunted Romeo. They all rag on each other relentlessly, but they still remain brothers-in-arms. As far as relating a situation such as this to gangs or groups, I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as to relate a bunch of friends to the creation of a gang. From what I know, gangs usually consist of families with a common goal, usually brought down from earlier generations. (And families will eventually expand to close friends and potentially other gangs. This brings me to the subject of the families of Romeo and Juliet and their blood-feud. I can easily relate such disputes to rivaling gang families and their constant need to kill each other. (Bloods, Crips, Mafia, ect.) If such a feud took place in a modern enviroment, I believe there’d most likely be massacres, shootings, and other violent innuendos. The love shared between Romeo and Juliet however, would most likely be easier made, as it would be easier to escape to a foreign country in today’s world.

  17. V.Araujo Says:

    Teasing is very common among friends and is a normal part of being ina group of friends. Even in my group of friends we tease each other and make fun of each other because we know that we are just having fun. We know that our friends do not really mean what they say most of the time and are just doing it for laughs. The only time that it can get bad is when they cross the line. That is when friends start fighting. Usually, teasing is just a sign of true friendship and a bond between friends. Mercutio teasing Romeo is just friendly and not really meant to hurt him. Mercutio is just letting out emotion toward what Romeo is going through. Groups of friends are usually formed of people with the same interests or people with things in common. that is how most gangs and groups of people or groups of friends are formed and because of their interests, they end up sticking together for a while.

  18. E Hodson Says:

    I think that Mercutio was just teasing Romeo because theʻre just friends. But Mercutio can take it too far sometimes. There are many people that have friends that take jokes too far. I think that teenagers today form their own groups with their own friends. Some of these groups can turn out bad but there are other groups that are just a bunch of friends. Their families probably have had a past past between each other. Some families today still hate each other for either their family history or just from problems they have with each other. Some families have been fighting each other in combat for years. Some family conflicts can be resolved in some kind of truce. The families can offer each other a fair trade that will make both families happy. Family conflicts can be resolved with equality between the two. Some families today have problems with each other because of minor things. They can hate each other for the way the other family lives life. They can hate each other because of wealth. There are many small reasons why families today hate each other.

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