The Duck

by Chandler

Once upon a time there was a duck. His life wasn’t all that great, and he didn’t have much luck. In spite of all of this he was a happy duck, with happy thoughts, and he was kind to everyone in sight. The duck spent every day helping others, but only ever wanted one thing for himself. What he wanted was simple: a truck.

Every day he put a penny, which he got from helping others, into a jar. Day by day, he continued to put a penny in that jar, and day by day it filled up. For many months he never complained and slowly filled that jar. Penny by penny, day by day, month by month, and year by year he did so much and went so far to fill up this jar.

After 3 years of filling, the jar was finally overflowing with shiny copper pennies. He went to the store with happiness to the core and put a down payment on a brand new bright yellow truck. He got in that amazing yellow truck to finally drive home after spending years saving up for it. He started up the engine and immediately crashed it into the nearest wall, completely smashing his new truck.

Well, what did you expect? He’s a duck, and ducks can’t drive cars. I guess he was a duck with no luck.

What if I told you that you are that duck, and that truck is your happiness. The main thing is to make happiness your goal, like the duck with his truck. You may “crash” at times but never let it make you sad, or affect your happiness. I may be sappy to write a story about being happy, but in the end, let’s not pretend that I’m wrong. So, though your life may suck and you’re just a regular duck, your truck is out there, and you just need to go out and find it, good luck.!

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