How to Shine Like a Diamond

by Pualalea

With so many well-known people who are beautiful, rich, popular, or even snobby with their different talents, different clothing, and different bodies, it’s not so easy to be normal. If you’re normal, then you don’t fit in well enough with the fast-paced, ongoing, beautified world. Famous people are praised for their over-emphasized struggles, immorality, athletic skills, talent in the arts, or even just their looks. What about people like you and me who aren’t extremely gorgeous in any way and aren’t particularly good at any sport, or musically gifted, we who actually enjoy being happy and not making big scenes with our own personal problems at home? Yes, us with our own values still existing. We are the minority and we are feeling forgotten.

Well, getting noticed is easy. We just need to find a way to shine and get noticed. Our big break is here, and it’s time that we took advantage of it. We are going to shine as bright as any other football-winning, Beyoncé-singing, Kim-Kardashian-looking person ever.

The first step to shine like a diamond is to listen to Rihanna’s song called “Shine Bright like a Diamond.” It’s the only way that we can truly understand how we must change ourselves to stand out in the crowd. Be sure to notice how everything in her music video makes no sense and how confused and lost she seems. After you’ve listened to the song, you must observe other famous and popular people from afar. Try observing your school’s Mr. and Mrs. Popular, or maybe go and watch a popular TV series, or even go online and search the lives of other well-known music artists and or celebrities. After you’ve done your research and observations, make a comparison chart between two of the celebrities. You will eventually realize that those two people you have compared are pretty much the same.

After you’ve figured out the simple similarities, proceed to changing your whole wardrobe and fashion taste. If you hate shopping, then you most likely need a new sense of style. I advise you to keep up with the latest fashion trend and mimic the bestselling outfits to the T.

Next, you must pick an area or subject where you want to shine. I suggest picking the media because it is the easiest way to get discovered and shine. Make sure you look perfect by putting on a lot of makeup, and if you are a girl, I suggest showing off your chest and or butt on your social media websites. This is sure to get you the attention that you desire. After about a month of posting revealing and demeaning pictures of yourself you will most likely be praised by those around you. Then, BAM you’re Instagram, Twitter or Facebook famous. After about a year of being on the “cool” side and posting a lot of pictures of yourself, you will have generated millions of on online friends who only like you for your looks and/or humor. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone special through the Internet and even lose your virginity.

At this point, there’s no way you’re a nobody anymore. Average is not anything near describing you. Now you are popular and famous! You’re just like everyone else who used to give you a hard time. You’re shining brighter than any pearl or sapphire right now!! Congratulations!!! Oh wait what? Now you’re just like everyone else…isn’t this supposed to be a guideline in helping you be different?  Hmmmmmmmm, maybe in the world we live in, by being “average and normal” you ARE different!

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