Life Isn’t the Same

by Reid

Life isn’t about money,
How much you make a year
What your benefits are
Or how big your office is

Life isn’t about love,
Who you text through the night
Who you stalk on Facebook
Or being “forever alone”

Life isn’t about school
Which ones you go to
Which ones you graduate from
Or which ones you fail out of

Life isn’t about laws
Letting others control you
Letting it bind you
Or letting it confine

Life is about war
Who you make a treaty with
Who you will lay siege to
And how you will spread your influence and empire

Life is about surviving
How you will just get by
How you will adapt
And how you will carry on with bruises and scars

Life is about destruction
What you will set ablaze
What you will reap
And what you will sacrifice to get what you want

Life is about time

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