Club Field Trip/Travel Forms

Club field trip and travel provide incredible opportunities for educational and personal growth.  Careful planning is the key to success.  Please review the Club Field Trip/Travel Check List and Field Trip/Travel Forms at a Glance to assist you in your planning.  Call the Student Activities Office for more information and assistance.

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Club Sanctioning Form

 New    KSK Guidelines for Hosting Student Sleepovers

Club Field Trip/Travel Check List

request for travel

Field Trip/Travel Forms at a Glance

Exhibit A – Permission to Participate (Type-able)


Exhibit A – Permission to Participate – pg 2, 3 (Type-able)

Exhibit B – Permission for Alternate Transportation (Type-able)

Exhibit C – Permission to Leave the Group

Exhibit D – Acknowledgement of Student Behavior

Exhibit E – Acknowledgement of KS Withdrawal of Travel Endorsement – (Type-able)

Exhibit F – Permission to Initiate Medical Care (Type-able)

Exhibit G – Request for Medical Kit (Type-able)

Exhibit H – Student Treatment Form

Exhibit I – Aquatics Activities Request Form

Exhibit J – Aquatics Check List

Leptospirosis Fact Sheet

Leptospirosis – Sample Permission Letter

Water Permission – Sample Permission Letter

Exhibit K – HAIS Request for Transportation Exemption – Principal to complete

Exhibit L – HAIS Parent Authorization Release

TB Document G: State of Hawaii TB Risk Assessment for Adults and Children

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