About Kamehameha Schools

Kamehameha Schools (KS) is a private charitable educational trust endowed by the will of Hawaiian Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop (1831-1884), the great-granddaughter and last direct descendant of King Kamehameha I.

During her lifetime, Princess Pauahi witnessed the rapid decline of the Hawaiian population. With that decline came a challenge to preserve the Hawaiian language and culture she held dear.

The princess knew that education would be key to the survival of her people, so in an enduring act of aloha, she left them a precious gift upon her passing – 375,000 acres of ancestral land. She instructed the trustees of her estate to use “the rest, residue and remainder of my estate”  land to educate her people.

Today, her endowment supports an educational system that serves thousands of Native Hawaiian learners in Hawai‘i and across the nation.


Educational Mission

The mission of Kamehameha Schools is to improve the capability and well-being of Hawaiians through education. We achieve our mission by operating an educational system serving over 6,900 students of Hawaiian ancestry at K-12 campuses on O‘ahu, Maui and Hawai‘i island, and at 30 preschool sites statewide.

We also extend our educational reach into the community to serve over 47,000 additional learners annually through a range of programs and community collaborations. These efforts include community charter school support and literacy enhancement programs for public school children, making KS the largest private contributor to Hawai‘i’s public school system.

Our educational outreach also includes preschool, K-12 and post-high scholarships enabling Hawaiian learners to attend educational institutions outside of the KS system.



Our work and energy at Kamehameha Schools is guided by a strategic plan that maps out the direction of our educational and stewardship efforts in the years to come. Our plans include countless opportunities to broaden and deepen Kamehameha’s impact on the well-being of our people through KS programs and partnerships with  and with the assistance of dedicated values-aligned individuals, groups and organizations who share our educational mission and contribute to a thriving lāhui.