The Kamehameha Elementary School educational program, using the Working Exit Outcomes framework as a foundation, emphasizes the development of the whole child through academics, social skills, the arts, culture and physical education. Grades K-4 classes are self-contained with teachers instructing in the core areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies. In grade 5, teachers partner in a two person team, one responsible for the Language Arts and one responsible for Mathematics. Both will teach Social Studies to their respective homerooms. In grade 6, teachers partner with two other teachers, each responsible for one discipline (Language Arts, Math or Social Studies) for all of the 72 students within the team. While Grades 5 & 6 are structured in a teaming situation, interdisciplinary units are a central aspect of their curricula. Critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and application of skills are valued at KES. As a school, KES teachers continue to collaborate via the Standards Based Change Process to develop and align a K-6 reading curriculum rooted in higher level thinking to develop reading comprehension skills and critical and reflective responses. Comprehension rubrics have been created, focusing on key grade level expectations including text analysis and critique. The redesign of our reading curriculum promotes professional conversations, and the results influence teaching strategies and student learning.

Specialist classes foster cultural awareness and promote social, emotional and spiritual development. KES faculty includes content area specialists who teach Physical Education and Health, Science, Music and Band, Library and Media Specialists, Technology, and Fine Arts. Reflecting our Founderʻs values are two additional courses, ‘Ōlelo a Mo‘omeheu Hawai‘i (Hawaiian Language and Culture) and Christian Education. With the exception of Band, which is taught only in grades 5 & 6, all students in grades K-6 are scheduled for all of the specialist courses all year, every year. Students in grade K are scheduled for 60 minutes p/day, 1st grade 70 minutes p/day, 2nd & 3rd 80 minutes p/day and 4-6 90 minutes per day. In addition to focused content areas, specialists work with a particular age group of students between Kindergarten through third grade or fourth through sixth grades. Therefore our specialists are exemplary in both content area and developmental expertise, adding to the depth of learning experiences made available for a student. The extended number of years with students offers specialists a long-term view of student progress, similar to looping. Specialist teachers participate in the Standards Based Change Process. They have crafted their respective visions, are building benchmarks and rubrics reflecting grade level outcome expectations for their discipline, and they work collaboratively with the various grade levels to build integrated units of study.

We continue to provide opportunities for professional conversations with all faculty and staff about the WEO, and professional development linking the WEO to content areas as an ongoing process, each year. Teachers meet for regular curricular articulation as grade levels, specialist groups, and as a school.

Students and families receive additional support from four counselors who remain with a grade level throughout their elementary experience, with one of the counselors serving in an outreach role in addition to grade level responsibilities. A leveling system was developed to encourage communication between counselors, administration, teachers, students and their families. Resource teachers and Educational Assistants provide support for students and teachers. Resource teachers work with grade level bands K-1 & 2-3 in the lower grades, and loop with one group of students through grades 4-6 in the upper grades. Educational Assistants provide support for the Resource Department as well as individual grade levels and Kindergarten classrooms they are assigned to. Along with their other responsibilities Educational Assistants have such as supervision, event planning and materials prep, they provide teacher directed instructional support in classrooms as requested. Total numbers of students receiving assistance will be forthcoming.

KES Total Student Population: 752
Grades K-3: 4 classes p/grade with 20 p/classroom
Grades 4-6: 6 classes p/grade with 24 p/classroom