Typing Test

Students can meet the requirement by completing a one-semester in Personal Computer (PC) Applications, which is also an elective course in all Career Academies. Students may also opt to waive out of this course (without credit) by passing a proficiency test arranged with the Counseling Center. The proficiency test consists of a 3-minute timed test. The student must pass the word processing speed of 45 words per minute with 95% accuracy.


1) Go to the following Keyboard Proficiency Assessment Process link

2) Locate and click the “Free Certificate Tests” section

3) Select: #26 Classic Tales

4) Select: 3 minute certificate test

5) Click on “Start Test” button.

6) When the test stops:

  • check to see if you have typed 45 words per minute, then   click on the “Yes” button.
  • if not, retake the typing assessment test again.

7) Type out you legal first and last name. Include “gr ___” in the last name cell (at the end of the name).

8) Press print the certificate. Check to see if your accuracy is 95% minimum. Then print the certificate. If not, retake the test.

9) Both requirements must be meet to pass:

  • 45 words per minute
  • 95% accuracy

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