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Bat Inquiry Links

Online Resources


Videos (these have been “scrubbed” through viewpure)


All About Bats for Kids: Animal Videos for Children


5:32 minutes



Fun Facts About Bats

OBC Bats

7:38 minutes



Meet the World’s Biggest Bat: The Australian Black Flying Fox

National Geographic

2:20 minutes




San Diego Zoo: Kids

2:39 minutes

comment: music plays throughout, may want to use headset for this one



Online Sites

San Diego Zoo site on bats



Spooky Science: Bats

The Nature Conservancy

comment: large photos with captions is the extent of the print



KidZone: Bats

comment: Since this is an educational site, other links to grade levels and subjects are visible.  As long as students stick to just the bat pages, they should be fine.