Papa ʻEhā Curriculum

Scope and Sequence

Our scope and sequence outlines our curriculum alignment to our manaʻo nui or big idea/theme of the school year. Our manaʻo nui for the year is –

By focusing on our ʻŌiwi Hawaiʻi identity, haumāna understands that the intelligence of our Kūpuna (those passed/living) carries forward through them as a servant leader.

We integrate language arts with social studies. Our social studies focus is Hawaiian studies.

We kindly ask for your patience as we plan and prepare our huakaʻi schedule for the year. We will schedule most of our huakaʻiʻs on Wednesdays. We hope to share more about our huakai schedule by the end of August.

Papa ʻEhā Curriculum – Scope and Sequence_


Daily Schedules

Daily schedules share the daily flow of instruction.

4A Daily Schedule

4B Daily Schedule


Grading Policy
60% Effort     
(Invests time and care to produce quality work in a timely manner,  applies critical thinking and problem-solving skills, active participant, effective collaborator, reflects on learning/makes corrections as needed to improve, listens and respects others and their ideas, fulfills commitments, prepared for the day, and creates an organizational system to manage daily tasks.)

20% Assessments   (Written, verbal, or performance based. Retakes will be offered.)

15% Classwork        (Submits quality work in a timely manner.)

5% Homework         (Fulfills homework goals, completes daily reflection.)