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Hawaiian Databases

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Creating a citation

There are free citation generators online that make creating a citation fast and easy.  One note: most are full of advertisements

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Gr 6 Kono – Search and Cite

Search Tips using Google

  • use keywords (specific, descriptive)
  • put phrases in quotation marks
  • limit search to certain domains (.gov, .edu, .org, .com)
  • review the list of results
    • be aware of sponsored sites
    • “did you mean”

Creating a citation using Easy Bib

  • create a citation by copying and pasting the URL
  • find additional information as needed
  • copy and paste the citation to your Bibliography


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KS Databases

KS Subscription Database Info

To access KS Databases, pls see the link to the doc to the right

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6th grade Pauahi Project – Nov 2017

Kamehameha Schools – About Pauahi page

Pauahi info (Kapalama middle school)

Here are some links to helpful resources you can use for the Pauahi project.
a. Information on Pauahi
b. Information on the courtship of Pauahi and Charles Reed Bishop
c. A timeline of the creation of Kamehameha Schools

3. Legacy of Princess Pauahi

To find images of Pauahi

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Keanolani Book Swap

Bring your gently used books to KLC and swap them for other books for KEEPS!  More info attached

Keanolani Book Swap

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Photo editing tools

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Fav sites for finding a cool new tool

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Digital Public Library

This site has great links to primary source materials related to American History.  Check it out!

Digital Public Library of America

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