Kamehameha’s Education Technology Conference Breakout Sessions

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There’s still time to register for our 3rd Annual Kamehameha Education Technology Conference that will take place at the Neal Blaisdell Center on June 9-10, 2008!

This year, our focus is on Harnessing the Power of Web 2.0 Applications in the Classroom. In addition to our internationally renowned keynote speakers,
and DAVID WARLICK, we have a great line up of local speakers that will be sharing classroom strategies and experiences for integrating new technologies.

A sampling of sessions:

Virtual Strategies and Distance Learning
Dorothy Hirata, KS Director of Virtual Strategies / Distance Learning
Kelly Dukelow, KS-Maui Manager of Virtual Strategies / Distance Learning
Christy Sato, KS Instructional Designer of Virtual Strategies / Distance Learning
Clinton Iwami, KS Instructional Designer of Virtual Strategies / Distance Learning

Interested in motivating our net generation students? Join us in this session to learn about a variety of online resources and technology tools our distance learning team have found useful and available at your fingertips to integrate into your classroom. In this session, we will also be sharing with you some exciting Kamehameha Schools distance learning programs available to educators, high school students and adults.

Voicethread and Wikispaces
Liana Iaea Honda, KS-Hawaii Technology Teacher
Cathy Ikeda, KS-Hawaii English Teacher

In this presentation, KSH teachers will share their experiences with Web 2.0, specifically using VoiceThread and Wikispaces. As we all strive to meet the needs of our 21st century learners, we are focused on creating authentic assignments for a real audience: the world. What did we learn as educators? What did our students learn as producers of text? And how might you use VoiceThread and Wikispaces with your students, no matter what the age.

TeacherTube Student Projects
Julia Ringgold, Holy Nativity School Computer Specialist

This presentation will take us through the entire process of creating a video project with an Apple computer to broadcast on TeacherTube using the following software: Pages, Safari, GarageBand, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, QuickTime, TeacherTube, and YouTube.

Introduction to Web 2.0
Alan Tamayose, KS Instructional Technology Specialist

Are you a web 2.0 newbie? You’ve come to the right place. This session will give you an overview of essential web 2.0 apps for teachers, students, and everybody else. Find out what’s “out there” and how this next generation of web tools can revolutionize your teaching and learning.

Other session topics include:

• Podcasting with Don Zundel (Apple Computer)
• iCan Café with Liz Castillo & Renee Teraoka (KMS Technology Specialists)
• JEM Project with Sheryl Kahue (KES Teacher) & Hillary Spitzer (Buckingham Friends School Teacher)
• Garageband with Ken Makuakane (Hoku Award Winner)
• Blogs with Andy Chung (KES Teacher)
• Emerging Issues, Tools, and Trends with Mark Hines (Mid-Pacific Institute Technology Coordinator)
• Jot & Evernote with Judith Beaver (Punahou Director of Instructional Technology)
• Celtx Program with Sean Malinger (Hawai‘I Baptist Academy Technology Teacher)

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