11 Replies to “September 29 – October 3, 2008”

  1. 1. ETS-I HS Oct. 6 Tech Workshop Planning Meeting
    2. PD Pilot Meetings – Tina, Chandell, Alan, Lynne, KES Pilot Group
    3. MLP Testing and Meetings – Darrell, Chandell, Karen (H/R), Rhonda (H/R)

  2. 1. Gave Excel chart tutorial to gr. 6 class
    2. PD Pilot kickoff meeting w/ Mimi, Alan and pilot group
    3. KES I Can Cafe – Election sites

  3. 1. ETS-I HS Team Mtg – Tech Workshop Planning
    2. Marine Science – Google Earth Tech Support
    3. Boarding Mtg – Planning for DA Training, Ofa Peloso

  4. 1. ITMD professional development pilot meeting w/ KES staff.
    2. Voicethread training for KES grade K teachers and K resource teacher.
    3. Podcast project planning meeting w/ KMS librarian.

  5. 1. Meeting with Hawaii Campus Principals
    2. MAC Standards Mtg.
    3. HS 1:1 Consultation with Lance Tachino

  6. 1. PD Planning for Tech Workshop
    2. Hawaiian Culture and Hawaiian Language Podcasting Support
    3. Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Culture Blackboard Support

    This is my third try to upload a comment this week.

  7. 1. Provided Tech support to L. Duffy with Google Earth project.

    2. HS Team meeting to plan Oct. 6th PD day.

    3. Blackboard Trng. with various HS teachers.

  8. 1. BB Test Training- A. Ellis
    2. BB Survey – G. Murakami
    3. Founders Day Planning MTG- KP

  9. 1. ES: Blackboard 6 w/Jade Silva and Roxanne Kala 4th grade
    2. ITMD: PD Pilot Meetings – Tina, Mimi – Strategies for addressing current challenges & PD survey results
    3. MLP:(Oahu) Testing and Meetings – Darrell, Chandell, Karen (H/R)

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