7 Replies to “August 11-15, 2008”

  1. 1. Met w/ all sections of PE dept teachers to discuss possible use of blackboard accounts and blogs.

    2. Met w/ M. Wong, L. Duffy, L. Evensen and C. Reyes to develop Podcast project for Marine Science classes.

    3. Observed KMS 1:1 orientation.

  2. 1. Participated in interview process for KES ITS position.
    2. Assisted T.Freitas in presentation meetings w/ all sections of PE Dept for Blackboard & Blogs.
    3. Observed project planning mtg w/ M.Wong, T.Freitas, L.Duffy & L.Evensen, Marine Science.

  3. 1. Tech PLC Training – Microsoft “Notebook” & Introduction to KS Blog (as a comsumer)
    2. Smartboard Training – Recording for a Substitute
    3. Blackboard Training – How to add video to your course announcements

  4. 1. New teacher training – laptop orientation
    2. MLP – training, HHS; mtg, HR; mtg, KMS
    3. Blog, Dropbox, Voicethread training – Dawn Woolsey’s English classes

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