4 Replies to “May 5-9, 2008”

  1. 1. iMovie training for Kristy Sherrer’s 5th grade class and Judy Cramer’s two 6th grade classes.
    2. Completion of orientation DVD for incoming gr. K and gr. 4 parents.
    3. Planning meeting w/ Kathy Chock for mural project and summer meeting schedule.

  2. 1-iMove training-M.Yahiro-O’Neil, Biology Science
    2-Blackboard training-J.Beckett, Photography
    3-AP Japanese Exam-N.Okimoto, Japanese, setup lab & provide tech support

  3. 1. ITMD Pilot Project Planning Meeting with Tina Winter
    2. Kulia i Ka Nu’u Meeting with Junko Lowry
    3. Book Project Meeting with Kawika Eyre

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