4 Replies to “May 5-9, 2008”

  1. 1. ETS-Instructional Nohona Hawaii Activity
    2. ESS Leadership Meeting at St. Stephens Seminary
    3. ALM Meeting

  2. 1. iMovie training for Kristy Sherrer’s 5th grade class and Judy Cramer’s two 6th grade classes.
    2. Completion of orientation DVD for incoming gr. K and gr. 4 parents.
    3. Planning meeting w/ Kathy Chock for mural project and summer meeting schedule.

  3. 1-iMove training-M.Yahiro-O’Neil, Biology Science
    2-Blackboard training-J.Beckett, Photography
    3-AP Japanese Exam-N.Okimoto, Japanese, setup lab & provide tech support

  4. 1. ITMD Pilot Project Planning Meeting with Tina Winter
    2. Kulia i Ka Nu’u Meeting with Junko Lowry
    3. Book Project Meeting with Kawika Eyre

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