4 Replies to “April 14-18, 2008”

  1. 1. ITMD Pilot Project Planning with Tina Winter
    2. Working on Excel tutorial
    3. Prepare for KMS 8th Grade Technology Assessment

  2. 1. Planning meeting w/ KES VP Ronnie Kopp regarding parent orientation DVD.
    2. iCan Cafe on iDVD for KES faculty & staff.
    3. Digital video camera training for 6th grade Kulaiwi Team.

  3. 1-Planning meeting w/ N.Javellana,Sciene-Biology Field Trip & Google Earth
    2-Comic Life tech support-D.Woolsey,
    3-Punahou 1:1 Middle School Visit

  4. 1. KMS Cross-Over Meeting
    2. 1:1 Punahou Visitation
    3. Ed Tech Conference Mtg. with St. Louis School

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