4 Replies to “January 14-18, 2008”

  1. 1. Review ICRE Rubric v14.
    2. Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) meeting and visitation
    3. Research Technology Integration Planning Models.

  2. 1. ITMD Project – Headmaster Presentation
    2. ITMD Project – KMS MyLearningPlan teacher implementation training
    3. HLC Project – Assessment Pilot Pupil Pages student training

  3. 1-TechNotes Jan 08 – Tri campus distribution
    2-Koa Planting Project – participation, Big Island
    3-ITS Nohona Activity – planning meeting for February 08

  4. 1. Meeting for Mural Project w/ Kathy Chock.
    2. Technology In the Workplace training module reports.
    3. Hawaii Campus training for iMovie and iCan Cafe planning session.

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