Connecting the Promethean ActivClassroom and Common Core State Standards

Teaching in a Global World

Foster greater understanding, longer retention AND have more fun! Come learn how to teach the Common Core Standards in your ActivClassroom and see the difference in student learning when we think about how communication, collaboration, inquiry and student centered learning are fostered. See examples of great interactive lessons and learn how to create your own.


Dave Kootman
Itʻs All About Kids
Dave Kootman, M.A. is a Promethean Teaching and Learning Consultant in Southern California.  He has taught seven different grade levels to diverse populations, as well as worked as a technology coordinator, trainer and consultant. Dave loves marketing and design, which he incorporates into pedagogy to motivate students and enrich instruction. He has been nominated for an Edublog award and ASCD Outstanding Young Educator awards, as well as served as a Discovery Education Leadership Council member and BrainPOP featured Educator.