Keiki Choir

All Hawai’i Stand Together

Kanaka Waiwai

Happy Practicing

Click below to practice E Nānā Kākou I Nā Manu

 The Lordʻs Prayer practice video


   He ʻOno by the choir

He ʻOno – Slow Learning Version

He ʻOno  This is the learning version, Kumu Baker sings the mele nice and slow. Have fun!  English then Hawaiian In Hawaiian and then FAST in Hawaiian


How Far I’ll Go







5 Responses to Keiki Choir

  1. Shambrey Waiau says:

    ahhhhhhhh….. OH !!!! A monster !NOT! thats just me prettty scary ha…
    Hey, in the first picture I see me AHHH!!! aint i scray
    I think i’m scarier than scary ahhhhhhhh…..

    NAH i do look good right OVER ALL…

  2. Kyden 5B says:

    I kind of miss performing that song last year at ekalasia, performing with all my friends.

  3. ewalea says:

    Why isn’t it working for Du,Du.

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. ewalea says:

    It’s working now. My mom fixed it!

    8) 8) 8)

  5. Noe Saiki says:

    Aloha, Mrs Debus,
    Could you publish the words to Lachen, Lachen , as well as the verses you will be using for the performance. There seems to be many different ways to sing Du Du Liegst mir im Heizen. It is easier to learn the songs if we hear and see the words simultaneously. Mahalo nui.

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