Aloha and Welcome to Math with Mrs. Rickard!
I’m so excited to be teaching both Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc/Trig this year, and to be working with all of you (some of you again!!). I’m looking forward to a fantastic year!! This blog is mainly for parents’ access to plan sheets, forms, and other important information. All assignments and links for students will be posted in our class Google Classroom page. 

GOOGLE CLASSROOM — Be sure to join the correct class!
**if you change classes. please be sure to drop and add correct block!
BLOCK 2A: k0somaa                      BLOCK 2B: hu2fgkb
BLOCK 3A: l9voqlc
                        BLOCK 3B: fj3fucc
BLOCK 4A: hno6xzb
                     BLOCK 4B: w6lqfst

**text in red are NUMBERS. The rest are all lower case alphabets

-Algebra 2: Mathia login is the same is iXL without the “@ks” – I can only reset password for you.
Everyone: iXL login includes “@ks” after the first part – I can give you/change password.