Comment Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below when to posting a comment on the blog:

1) Comments must be related to the post that you are commenting on.

2) Use your first name and last initial only.  (If you have the same name and last initial as another student, you may use the first two letters of your last name).

3) Do not post any personal information (e-mail address, phone number, pictures of yourself, links to social network sites (myspace, facebook, twitter etc), full names of friends or family member.

4) Use proper English, no text language.

5) Be respectful of the opinions of other.  If you disagree with a comment made, disagree respectfully.  You can say “I understand your opinion, but I disagree because…”

6) If you are responding directly to someone’s comment, use an @ symbol followed by the students first name and last initial for example, @Cary M. or @Mr. Masuko.

Please remember to adhere to the comment etiquette guidelines.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in your comments not being posted.

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