Advisory (Ho’ike Nui)

What is the “Hö’ike Nui “?

Traditionally, the Hö’ike were presented to communities by different Sunday Schools as a culminating event. The students would sing hymns, read scriptures and deliver speeches that would show all they had learned during the year. Hö’ike means “to show, to exhibit.” In more modern times the word has become a noun meaning “a show, an exhibit”.
Your Hö’ike Nui is a research paper and product designed by you that demonstrates your in-depth understanding of a particular area of concentration.
Your Junior Papa Käko’o teacher will guide you through the research development. The Hö’ike Nui research paper will be the focus of your second semester. Your Academy Advisor will oversee the development of your product.

The goal of the Hö’ike Nui project is for you to:

  • Research and study an area of interest.
  • Apply information gathered for a project of your own design.
  • Write and reflect on your experiences.
  • Demonstrate skills you have developed in your four years of high school.
  • Make connections with your community and take your learning beyond the walls of Kamehameha Schools Maui.
  • Become skilled at organizing your time.

Ho’ike Nui Guide 2013


Blood Drive Guidelines

HOSA Week Guidelines

First Name  Last Name  Project
Ashley Tanoue-Singson 2013 Blood Drive
Rachel Smith 2013 Blood Drive
Kodi Joyo 2013 Blood Drive
Aubrey Carillo 2013 Blood Drive
Walter Kaeo 2013 Blood Drive
2012-2013 HOSA Week
Kasie Apo-Tayama 2013 Ho’olaule’a Booth
Ryan Foree 2013 Ho’olaule’a Booth

5/4/12 – Advisor/advisee meeting – this date has changed!!!

  • discuss the Final Research Paper with advisee
  • assess whether the research paper provides sufficient research for the development of the product
  • if research paper does NOT support product development, advisee required to complete the Product Research Supplement worksheet in Appendix F of the Hö’ike Nui binder by May 18

5/18/12 – Advisor/advisee meeting

  • DUE: Product Research Supplement worksheet (only advisees whose research papers do NOT support product development)
  • discuss PAL goals for the summer break and communication expectations and limitations

Summer Break –work on your product / project


Hoike Nui Advisor-Advisee list 2013


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