Bible Clubs 2019-2020

January 8, 2020 – First Bible Club of 2020!


Bible Club REVIEW Jeopardy GAME!

For our last Bible Club today, we played a Jeopardy game which reviewed all the things we’ve talked about this year in Bible Club! Here is the link so our haumana can play with their ʻohana! Just click on the link, select PLAY NOW and enjoy!!


February 6th Bible Club

February’s Waiwai Hawaiʻi that we will be focusing on in our Bible Clubs is HŌʻIHI (respect).

Today’s lesson was that we can show hōʻihi (respect) to people in charge. Through a puppet show, we learned the story of David and how even though he had a chance to hurt King Saul (because the King was being very mean to David), he instead showed respect (found in 1 Samuel 24:1-22). If your child attended Bible Club today, ask them to show you their story book!


January 30th Bible Club

As we wrap up our monthly focus on Hilinaʻi (trust), we learned today that we need to trust God’s timing. We learned about King David and how, although he was anointed to be the next king at a young age, he needed to wait, and wait, and wait for God’s timing. In our lives today, we are always wanting things “now” or in our own time. Sometimes we need to be patient and trust that God’s plan is always better than ours. Just like how King David needed to wait, almost 20 years to become King. Haumana made crowns to show that King David trusted God’s timing.

January 23rd & 25th Bible Club

This week, we learned that God is pleased when we Hilinaʻi (trust) in Him. Through the story of Abraham and Isaac, we learned that when we trust in Him, He will provide. Haumana made a ram to show that God provided when He commanded Abraham to sacrifice His son. We need to trust like Abraham did, that God’s plan is always perfect!

January 9th & 11th Bible Club

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! For the entire month of January, we will be focusing on Hilinaʻi (trust) in God. Today, through the story of Noah (Genesis 6-9), we learned that we can trust God to keep His promises! Haumana made a rainbow, which was the symbol of God’s promise to us all!

Grades 4-6 haumana took it a step further and even wrote scripture verses with different promises that God give us! We even went on a trust walk, to see if we could trust our classmates to give us the right directions!

December 5th K-3 Bible Club

We learned about what a nativity scene is and talked about how Mary & Joseph were told by the angel Gabriel about the birth of our Savior! We started our nativity ornaments, which should be ready for haumana to take home next week! We were also so blessed to have 4th & 5th grade alaka’i come to kōkua!

November 28th K-3 Bible Club

We learned a new word!! ADVENT – which means the “coming” or “waiting”, ’tis this season for advent, as we await the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Haumana were sent home with advent calendars and a “Countdown to Christmas”. We hope that they are reading their ‘scripture-a-day’ on their advent calendars to help guide them through the real meaning for Christmas!

November 7th K-3 Bible Club

The waiwai for the month of November is MAHALO and being grateful to God for who He is and all that He provides for us!

Today, we read the story of Abram and how at a very old age, God provided for him in a surprising way by giving him a son and promising Abram that his family would be “as numerous as the stars”. Haumana were encouraged to watch for ways that God provides for them, and draw/wrote things that God has already provided for them!

Here is a video of our K-3 Bible Club singing “A Million Reasons” to be THANKFUL!

Haumana were encouraged to try one of these challenges this week to thank God for providing for them:

November 2nd 4-6 Bible Club

Today we played another game to get us familiar with the different books of the Bible and heard summaries about what each book was about! Haumāna LOVE to play games AND we’re learning about God’s Word while we play!



October 24th & 26th Bible Clubs

In K-3 Bible Club we talked about Halloween and how we are almost like pumpkins. Just like how we clean out all the yucky stuff from the pumpkin, God can clean our hearts of all the “bad stuff” in our lives (being unkind to a friend, lying, cheating, etc.) After the pumpkin is cleaned and carved, you put a light in it to shine in the night. In the same way, God, puts His light in our hearts so that we can shine His light and make a difference in the world we live in! We made “Shine for Jesus” crafts (ask your keiki to tell you the story!) and each keiki went home with coloring pages and glow in the dark stickers to remind them to shine for Jesus!!

Reminder… no K-3 Bible Club on 10/31! We have CHAPEL! 🙂

In 4-6 Bible Club, we continued our Bible Trivia Jeopardy game, boys verse girls!! It was so fun! Haumāna recruited other haumāna to come and join in on the fun, and we ended up with almost triple the amount of keiki that we had last week! We had so much fun, we forgot to take photos of the kids “in action” (e kala mai!), but it was amazing to see them open up the Bibles and find the answers to questions, all the while, learning more and more about God and the Bible. We did take a picture of the Jeopardy board (you’ll notice the categories & which categories they chose – all the missing $ amounts) as well as the final score board. Boys won! But girls put up a good “fight”! It was good fun! 🙂

October 17th & 19th Bible Clubs

This week in our Bible Clubs, we talked about our Spiritual Theme this year, which is “E Ola I Ka ʻŌlelo Maoli a Ke Akua!” – “Live out the real word of God!”

In 4-6 Bible Club, we played Bible Trivia Jeopardy! Haumāna were given questions and where to find the answers in the Bible. It was a fun time of diving into God’s Word, and learning how to open and read God’s Word too! Next week, we will continue our game… boys versus girls… who will win? Bring your friends to help you find the answers in the Bible!

In K-3 Bible Club, we played Bible Book Concentration and haumāna had to match the books of the Bible to make pairs! There are so many books in the Bible that we didn’t have time to match them all, but we were able to become familiar with the name of the books in the Old Testament! Here are some photos of their game!

September 26th & 28th Bible Clubs

What gifts & talents has God given you? How can you mālama them and use them for His glory? Today we learned the story of David & Goliath and how God gave David the gift of a smooth stone and strength to defeat Goliath! But more importantly, how David used his gifts to glorify God!

In 4-6 Bible Club, we did a relay race using where haumana had to race to a gift bag, select a gift and use it! We also played charades and shared a gift/talent that God gave us and how we can use it to glorify Him!

In K-3 Bible Club, we played a game and unwrapped a gift only to find a smooth stone to help us hear the story!

Click here to watch a clip of our gift unwrapping game!

We also sang a song called “Making Melodies” with some silly movements! God loves it when we have fun worshipping Him!

Click here to see a clip of our silly song “Making Melodies in my heart to the King of Kings!”

Here is this week’s challenge on how we can use our talents for God this week:

September 19th K-3 Bible Club

Today we learned about how God can use WHATEVER we give Him! Jesus took a little boy’s lunch, which had just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, and blessed 5,000 people with it (John 6:1-14)! We made our own paper bag “lunches” and thought about how when we give Him all that we have and all that we are, He will provide for us all we need!

Here are some ways we can practice mālama this week:


September 14th 4-6 Bible Club

We also learned about the Widow’s Offering (see K-3 Bible Club below) and did a “sword drill” to open our Bibles, look for and read the story. We played jan-ken-po to get “mites” (coins from Jesus’ day) and talked about how we can mālama our treasures and use them for God!

September 12th, 2018 K-3 Bible Club

Continuing with this month’s Waiwai Hawai’i of MĀLAMA… we are learning how to use our time, talents, and this week… TREASURES for God!

We heard the story of the Widow’s Offering (Mark 12: 41-44) and talked about what each keiki considers as their “treasure”. If they brought home some paper “mites” (coins), ask them about the story they learned! Haumāna were challenged to share some of their “treasures” (and it doesn’t have to be money!) with others around us who need it and could use it!

September 7, 2018 4-6 Bible Club

Today we also started our “Character by God’s Design” Bible Club! This month’s Waiwai Hawaiʻi (value) that we will be focusing on is MĀLAMA (stewardship)… using our time, talents and treasure for God!

We learned about how Nehemiah gave his time to God by rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2:1-6:16). We played a game with legos and haumana made clocks to evaluate their schedules and how they can better use their time to glorify God!

September 5, 2018 K-3 Bible Club

Today we started our “Character by God’s Design” Bible Club! This month’s Waiwai Hawaiʻi (value) that we will be focusing on is MĀLAMA (stewardship)… using our time, talents and treasure for God!

We learned about how Nehemiah gave his time to God by rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2:1-6:16). We played a game with legos and in groups, haumana gave examples of things we can do that please God! Check out our “Wall of Good things!”

Our first take-home sheet included some “challenges” that the keiki can do this week to use their time for God! Ask your keiki which of the 4 challenges they will try to do this week! Feel free to send us some pictures of some of the challenges your keiki & ʻohana did!

August 31, 2018 4-6 Bible Club

Today was our first 4-6 Bible Club! We had a FUN time singing songs & getting to know each other! Look at some of their excited faces!

Here is a picture of our completed bulletin board featuring handprint flowers made by our K-3 Bible Club! Next time you’re on campus, look for your child’s hand!

August 29, 2018 K-3 Bible Club

Today was our first K-3 Bible Club! We had so much fun meeting new friends, singing songs & coloring our handprints for our Bible Club bulletin board! We will be sure to post a picture of our bulletin board (when it is complete!) which will feature the handprints of all who came to Bible Club today! Stay tuned & we hope to see our K-3 Bible Club friends next week!

Haumāna also went home with scripture bookmarks!

Here is a short video clip and some photos of our fun today!

2018-2019 Bible Club Parent Letter:


This is Real Love – Happy Valentines Day!


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The Chapel Team


CT crazy

4-6 Bible Club began last Friday. We are playing the matching game on the characteristics of God. Come and join us again from 7:05-7:35 in Kahu Annʻs room. Feel free to eat breakfast and enjoy the fun and fellowship!


K-3 Bible Club began today! Itʻs on Wednesdays from 7:05-7:35 in Kahu Annʻs room. You may eat breakfast in her room and together we sing, pray, read and watch Bible stories, do crafts, play games, and make new friends. All are invited!


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