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December 3rd, 2009 by tinakamo


Today we talked about the big ideas in “Those Shoes” by Maribeth Boelts. Some of the ideas we talked about were WANT, NEED, POPULARITY, SHAME, TEASING and KINDNESS. What important ideas did you think of when we read this story? Do you think you would have given Antonio those shoes? Why or why not? Why do you think Jeremy wanted those shoes so badly? What connections did you make?

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  1. charlize Says:

    And then the boy wanted those shoes then his Nana and the boy went looking for those shoes and the price had to be cheap.

  2. Noe Says:

    I Connect to the story because if I were to give away somthing like Jeremy because of course I wouldent want to give away my Soft Rabbit.

  3. Puuwai Says:

    I can connect to this story because I wouldent give away my little chiwawa named Rico away,its like Jeremy wanted Those Shoes but it was to little so he gave it to Antonio. But I really don’t want to give away my dog, even if some one wanted it.

  4. Keanu Dayton Says:

    I think I would give the shoes away because some people don’t have any footwear.I think the story was about giving and to be thankful of what you get even if its small.

  5. Pono Says:

    He just wanted to look cool like the other guys. Why did he buy those shoes when he knew it was to tight for him?

  6. Kalani Says:

    I think I wouldn’t give Antonio those shoes because I could always grow into them.

  7. Bailey Says:

    The Nana said you can’t get every thing that
    you want, you get what you need.

  8. Kason Says:

    I would never by shoes that do not fit me but if it was sick nice I would by it for my brother Karter because hes 4.

  9. Kalista Says:

    In the story Antonio’s friend Jeremy gave up his most favorite shoes.I would never ever never 1,00000 times never give away my real pet dog Sassy Bu-ta Kahoekapu.She is a fluffy doggy.Oh,and another 1,00000 times never will and never want to give away my fluffy,lovely,adorable and chubby sassy Bu-ta Kahoekapu.

  10. Dylan Says:

    I thought that Antonio wanted the shoes because all af the other kids had them.Sometimes I want things but I don’t get them because my Mom and Dad say”You don`t need them.”I would not want to give away my family or my house.Sometimes my brothers give me hard and rough days.I don’t allways get what I want.Sometimes people just do good things because they just want something.I do things that come from my heart.And that’s the right thing to do.Be Pono.I think that Those Shoes is an awesome story to read.I wonder how big my pumpkin wiil be when I grow it?I think it will be super duper big!And I wonder how the ”farm”will be divided?I hope it`s like Kristy Harp`s patch.That will be awesome.

  11. Evan Says:

    Jermey gave his new shoes to Antonio because he was thinking about Antonio’s shoes because it really looked like he needed new shoes. I don’t want to give my cars away especially the ones I just bought because they’re one of my favorite toys but I could give some of my old things that I took care of. The things that you should give to other people is your gift that comes from :Love,thankfulness and friendship because those values are really important.

  12. Camille Says:

    I think I would have given Antonio the black and white striped shoes because he already has a new pair from mr.Alfry that’s in good shape and Antonio, has taped up shoes covered with tape. I would give it to him and do the right thing.Some kids DON’T EVEN have any shoes. At least Jeremy HAS a pair of shoes. Who cares if there’s a old cartoon on it.
    He could have worn slippers but if he fell, the flip-flops won’t protect his toes. He could maybe just even wait 1 teensy-tiny year for there to be a bigger size of those shoes. I liked “Those Shoes” a little bit. It reminded me of the time when I want something and I don’t get it or even if i’m going to pay myself but the price is A LITTLE pricy. I can’t wait to plant the pumpkin seeds.

  13. koalii Says:

    I think it was nice of jeremy to give Antonio those shoes because Jeremy really wanted it and to give it away was hard to do but when you give its a blessing. I made a connection
    because I gave away my toys. I even gave away my shoes and my clothes to the poor people. I like giving because they dont have nothing to wear and play with.

  14. Esther Says:

    I think he dos not want to wear the cartoon shoes because he wants to be like the other kids and be cool.

  15. Caitlin Says:

    I think Jermey just wanted the shoes because he wanted to be cool like the other boys. I learned the big idea is don’t ask for something you don’t need. If I was Jeremy, I wouldn’t have bought THOSE SHOES because he just wasted a bunch of money because he wanted to be cool like the other boys.

  16. Hunter Says:

    I connect to the story because if I were to give something like Jearmy did, I wouldn’t take A chance to give away my bird,my puppy, my ‘ohana, my dog, my fresh water eel, my houes, and much more.

  17. Trent Says:

    I think Need because when you want something you sometimes don’t Need it. I would not give away my toy puppy because I had it for a long time. My family also because with out my family I would not be born. I would give the shoes to Antonio because he wanted the shoes and forced himself to give it to Jeremy. I think that Jeremy wanted those shoes only because he wanted to be popular and cool.

  18. KEENYN Says:

    I love the book. The boys was teasing the boy.

  19. Tara Says:

    I would never give up my brother [P.S. I can’t believe I’m saying this]but even though, my brother can be like nobody you ever dreamed of, I heared what comes around goes around and thats true because if you give love you get love back.

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